The Importance Of Getting A Yearly Checkup As An Athlete

The Body Is More Than A Machine—But Yet Needs Maintenance

A human body has many components to it. Core to all of them working together harmoniously will be the will which animates a person’s extremities. It is the will that makes the athlete. Most children are born relatively neutral in terms of potentiality. True, there are smaller and larger children; some grow to be big, some don’t. But there are short and tall athletes, too.

Over time, people become adept at certain physical activities, and that adeptness expands as people mature. There is a zenith to expansion experienced in late youth; usually sometime around the thirties, but it will vary per person. Now, eating right and exercising properly will make you shine your best, helping you truly embrace the “golden years” of life. But time marches on.

 eating right and exercising

Even the strongest, most healthy athlete is going to experience a decline in their abilities over time. Even Jackie Chan is aging, and that man is basically a muscle with a head. Still, Jackie Chan is mentioned here for more than just a throwaway quip. The man has broken nearly every bone in his body, and yet has full functionality of his limbs. How?

Well, there are a number of reasons. For one, he keeps himself as physically fit as possible and has made a pastime of this physical excellence. Two, he avoids things like smoking and doesn’t allow vice to control him. Three, he eats as healthy as possible. Four, he has substantial resources and access to the best medical help in China—that helps a lot. For athletes of any level, regular access to prime medical assistance is key.

A Closer Look At Long-Time Physicality

Jackie Chan was always working, always needed medical assistance, and so was always getting checkups. You need to do the same as much as it’s feasible too. This will help you expand your abilities, and catch negative trends before they become truly impacting. If you can’t see a doctor throughout the year, have a professional examine you once a year at least.

As you age, your body changes. Levels of estrogen and testosterone fluctuate. Digestive enzymes change. Sometimes a long history of strenuous activity can mark you in a genetic sense, requiring you get some level of medical attention in order to proceed as an athlete. Still, through options like stem cell therapy in Santa Ana, you can extend your ability to achieve.

Something else a doctor might be able to help you with is maintaining an even mental keel. There’s much to be said for mental health management—there is some true science behind it. Remember: it is the will that pushes the body, it isn’t the body that pushes the will. Where would the accomplishment be in such a situation? You must overcome the hardest obstacle: yourself. If you must overcome nothing to reach a goal, have you really done anything?

Still, it can be difficult to maintain an even keel. When you’re pushing yourself harder than you have before on a regular basis, even as time keeps going forward and your body passes its zenith, that can have consequences on your psyche. If you’re going to overcome as much, you’ll need to have “all your wits about you”, as the English say. Also, contingency plans.

Raising Your Ceiling

As an athlete, the sport you love is that which is likely what drives your athleticism, but there will come a point when competing in it won’t be a real option. However, you can pivot by finding other sports that engage you, or other activities, and so have somewhere to go once you hit your ceiling. You can raise the height of that ceiling if you take care of yourself and check in with the right medical professionals. The more carefully you maintain your body, the longer it will serve you.

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Airto Zamorano is the CEO and Co-Founder of Numana SEO and Numana Medical. He is an experienced business leader and digital marketer with a track record of success.