The Fat Burning Kitchen Review – A Weight Loss Program by Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling

fatburningkitchnObesity is a very big and common problem for most of the people in every part of the world. Though everyone wants to look slim and smart, it is not easy to have a perfect body when you are eating junk foods and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, everyone must know what they need to eat in order to lose excessive body weight and build up necessary muscles. There are various programs which are being used by people to help customize their diet routines and one of them is The Fat Burning Kitchen by Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling.

What is The Fat Burning Kitchen?

The Fat Burning Kitchen is basically a nutrition book which has been written to help those who want to get rid of excessive body fat and bring their bodies into a perfect shape they desire. This is a natural solution and is based on simple nutrition plans to make sure that the users don’t have to face any kind of side effects.

Important Points about the Fat Burning Kitchen?

Fat Burning Kitchen is a very comprehensive and well-researched weight loss plan which follows two ways to lose weight. First of all, it teaches the users what diet is best for them and then it teaches them what exercises they need to do to achieve their dream body.

The users are also told about both good as well as bad foods, so that they can include right ones in their dieting plan and exclude the wrong ones. When users get used to bringing positive changes in their routine life, they start observing great results very soon.

Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling have also included an exclusive section called ‘The Advanced Nutritional Fat-Burning Blueprint: The 23-Day Accelerated Fat Loss Plan’. As its name suggests, this section is dedicated to speed up the process of losing weight.

About Mike Geary

Mike Geary, the main author of The Fat Burning Kitchen, is a personal trainer, certified nutrition expert and the best-selling author in fitness related stuff. Mike is also known as The Nutrition Watchdog. He has given his services to train numerous celebrities and he has appeared on various TV shows as well as in newspapers. Mike Geary has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years now. We can see a living example of his vast experience in his own body he has developed with his expertise in nutrition and exercise.

About Catherine Ebeling

Catherine Ebeling is the co-author of this program and she is also a CPT and certified nutritionist. Catherine has been very helpful for Mike Geary to complete this diet program. Catherine holds two Bachelor Degrees which are as follows;

  1. Marketing from Ball State University
  2. Nursing from St. Louis University

Catherine Ebeling has been actively working in the industry for 25 years now. She is an enthusiast cyclist and covers a distance of almost 200 kilometers every week which is obvious to help her stay fit all through the year.

Catherine’s own fit and shapely body is a living example of the reliability and effectiveness of techniques exposed in The Fat Burning Kitchen Program.

Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling

Bad Points in Fat Burning Kitchen Review

  • Some people do not like when they are instructed to make many changes in their dieting habits and Fat Burning Kitchen certainly does so.
  • This program is available only in form of an eBook, so you cannot find it at local stores.


Good Points in Review of Fat Burning Kitchen

  • Fat Burning Kitchen is a natural solution to remove excessive fat and you will find it greatly working for you.
  • The users find it really informative to make every positive change in their diet which is good not for just burning fat but also for staying fit and healthy.
  • It is an easy to access downloadable eBook which does not require you to wait for arrival of the shipment. In addition, no physical delivery saves you money as well.
  • This program will also help you with various other problems such as blood pressure, joint pain, hormone imbalance and skin related issues.
  • There is no risk of side effects when you use this program.
  • Each and every recommendation comes with a proper explanation, thus, you will not haveany sort of ambiguity when you start following Fat Burning Kitchen.

8-Week Money Back Guarantee

Fat Burning Kitchen’s buyers get no-questions-asked money-back guarantee from the date of purchase for the next 8 weeks.

Is It The Fat Burning Kitchen Scam?

Fat Burning Kitchen by Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling has proven to be very effective in dealing with weight gain issues and those who have used it have found this program very different from other traditional weight loss programs which fail to produce positive and permanent results. Moreover, Mike Geary has also given full money back guarantee to the purchasers in case they don’t find it as effective as they expect or as it is claimed. If you use this program by following proper instructions, it is certain that you can make your dream of having a perfect body come true in quick time.