The Difference Between General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry has gone through a lot of changes over the years. Unlike in the past where it was just about filling cavities and regular check-ups, you now have the opportunity to get beautification procedures. If you have a dental concern, you may be wondering whether you should see a general dentist or cosmetic dentist. However, some dental clinics may offer both general and cosmetic dentistry in San Ramon, CA.

What Are the Differences?

If you need help with general dental issues such as cavities, you may need a general dentist. They can provide you with both preventive care and general cleaning. 

Cosmetic dentists and general dentists have the same basic training. However, cosmetic dentists get extra training. They can provide you with solutions for aesthetic concerns. If, for example, you need to see an aesthetic dentist for teeth whitening, they have to perform regular cleaning first. 

The Duties of a General Dentist

The primary duties of a general dentist are dealing with pain and discomfort. They also help you maintain oral hygiene to promote oral health. They perform procedures such as tooth canals, filling cavities, and routine checkups. 

The Duties of a Cosmetic Dentist

The duties of a cosmetic dentist are primarily about improving the appearance of your teeth. Some of the most common procedures that they may perform include teeth bleaching, dental implants, crowns, and veneers.

Both cosmetic and general dentists have an important role to play in achieving ultimate dental health. Your specific needs determine the type of dentist you need. 

Differences in Price

Cosmetic and general dentists may charge different prices for a similar procedure. The costs of dental procedures generally vary from one provider to another depending on their experience and location. Both general and cosmetic dentists can provide services such as getting cavity fillings. For that procedure, cosmetic dentists are likely to use composites since they are concerned about the aesthetics. However, general dentists may use cheaper options such as amalgam fillings. Cosmetic dentistry is usually more expensive than general dentistry. 

Whether you need a cosmetic or general dentist, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The most important one is to ask about the types of procedures that they offer. Different professionals may offer different services. 

The right professional should make you feel comfortable regardless of the procedure you want. Whether you are looking for regular cleaning services or teeth bleaching, you should have answers to all your questions. They should explain the details of the procedure clearly no matter how simple it seems.

If you have any concerns or questions about your procedure, do not get it done until you get answers. Qualified cosmetic and general dentists understand the need for patient education. They will educate patients about the procedure, aftercare, and more. 

In conclusion, both general and cosmetic dentists are important. Their importance depends on your dental needs. Whether you need the services of a cosmetic or general dentist, ensure that they understand your needs and can offer the help you need.