The Cinderella Solution System Review – Scam by Carly Donovan?

Excessive weight and obesity can strike people indistinctly, particularly those who aren’t cautious of their day-to-day habits. In a few cases, hormonal illnesses can cause excessive weight. Nevertheless, females are more obsessed pertaining to their midriff and body figures, and it is also true that women are more prone to getting excessive weight. Under the light of these considerations, it is clear that women require an effective and dependable solution to keep their weight within the ideal range and shed extra layers of fat.

In this situation, a weight loss program, The Cinderella Solution by Carly Donovan, has been gaining momentum on the market, and many women have tried it so far with good results. Among so many programs, it is quite distinguishing. This program focuses on promoting good eating habits. Also, it lets you know the basic details about foods and how various foods work to refuel the human body. For today’s post, we will discuss a detailed The Cinderella Solution review that will help you get and use this program with a peace of mind.

What is The Cinderella Solution Program?

It’s a 28-day program to shed extra weight, and it’s offered online in the form of an ebook. It is an instantly downloadable program as soon as you make the payment. Also, like other digital programs, you can view it on your smartphone, tablet, or any other device. Thus, it is appropriate to use without obstructing your mobility.

The Components in Cinderella Solution

Now you know the programs and is creator, let’s see what components are included in the complete package. There are main components that are listed below:

Component 1 – The Explanation

It starts with an introduction to Cinderella Solution and how one can begin this amazing weight loss journey with the best foot forward. It contains info pertaining to pairing foods considering their flavor profiles and the best time to feed your body. It goes on to tell about a slim-sequencing exercise routine. Further, you will find information about two important stages phases called Ignite and Launch.

Component 2 – Daily Nutrition

In this component, you will find a 14-day calendar and a plan for your daily meal preparations, which will assist you in comprehending the finest manners to nurture your body with foods that will promote the weight loss process. This is an interesting part for the reason that it gives you innovative recipes. In addition, you will get info about macro nutrition and food pairings, which makes The Cinderella Solution a unique one. You will find a treasure of info about various food groups and food that corresponding to them in the most efficient manner.

Component 3 – DIY Meals & Flavor-Pairing

This one carries info about preparing foods that are high in nutrition, but they have low calories, and these recipes will overdrive the stages of Ignite and Launch as well. Here the concept of portion options and portion blocks will be introduced whose purpose is to assist in making correct decisions pertaining to the diet plan.

Component 4 – Flavors and Food Blends

As the name implies, this part is about food combinations that don’t compromise tasty ingredients so as to speed up the process of losing weight.

As you finish reading material, you will be equipped to carry out an effective weight loss plan for sure.

Bonus Package

As a token of thanks, Carly Donovan also offers a bonus package with the main program that she has titled Cinderella Accelerator Package, and it is a Fat Loss Master Plan. In fact, Cinderella Accelerator Package is itself a complete program and helps the users speed up the fat loss process. Actually, Carly sells it as an individual program on Amazon for 150 dollars. To delight her Cinderella Solution, she is offering it as a bonus product, but it is available for a limited time.

Carly Donovan – The Creator of The Cinderella Solution

The Cinderella Solution has been researched, experimented, and created by Carly Donovan. Just like lots of women across the globe, Carly Donovan also faced the issue of being overweight. She found it quite a challenge to lose weight and keep in the ideal range healthily.

When she created this program, she was already in the field of health and fitness. Actually, she was a fitness trainer at a gym, where she instructed many women every day. However, she faced weight issues herself. On the other hand, some criticized her that she was not in a shape that she was supposed to have, being a fitness trainer. It was bitter, but it was the truth she had to swallow or take up to the challenge to be in perfect shape.

Well, the real issue arose when she was diagnosed with diabetes, and it was a wake-up call for her to get in good shape and shed those extra pounds. She took it seriously and committed to developing a program that could help her lose and maintain weight and boost her energy levels too. So, her research equipped her with authentic information to lose weight in a stable manner. As she successfully did it, she structured her research and experiments in The Cinderella Solution.


  • We need to understand that weight loss works differently for men and women, and Carly Donovan knows it well. Thus, this program has been designed to work great for women and it does it very well.
  • The workouts are very easy to perform and are very effective.
  • The Cinderella Solution covers each and every topic in a comprehensive manner, so there will be no gaps in your information one you have read it fully.
  • Everything is highly practical and there are various tools to ease out the procedure.
  • As you get the results, you will find it the best value for every dollar you paid.
  • Carly Donovan also offers a 100% refund guarantee.
  • After-sale support is also great.


  • It demands you to stay committed and follow the program as instructed. If you are too busy with your job, you need to adjust your timings for it.
  • It is not a magic potion that will disappear your excessive weight overnight. Carly Donovan asks you to be patient because there are three body types, and each one has its own pace to shed fat deposits. Thus, you will get result according to your body type.
  • Cinderella Solution is a women-only program, so men should not think of trying it.

Our Verdict About The Cinderella Solution

The best thing about The Cinderella Solution is that it is the creation of a woman who underwent the hardships of having excessive weight, and she has shared her personal experiences in this program. Therefore, there is no doubt that this will work, and it has been specifically targeted for women of all age groups. It signifies that you can follow it as a duo of a mother and a daughter, as two sisters, or cousins, and even as a group of friends. Actually, this way will help be more motivated to follow this program when you have company. To sum up, The Cinderella Solution is effective, and the bonus package will help you speed up the overall weight loss process.