The Big Diabetes Lie Review – 7 Steps To Health Scam ?

Introduction to the 7 Steps To Health (Big Diabetes Lie)

The Big Diabetes Lie is a downloadable ebook by the International Council on Truth and Medicine. The book focuses on healthier alternatives to diabetes management that do not require medication or other assistance from a doctor. Contained in four hundred and fifty pages, it goes into depth about topics from what foods to eat and avoid to how to reduce or prevent common diabetic symptoms, and more. When you download this ebook, you will also receive a number of related books as a bonus, such as healthy recipes or a text on the importance of water in your daily routine.
the big diabetes lie


About the Authors

The International Council on Truth and Medicine, often abbreviated as the ICTM, is a team of doctors. These doctors pooled their research and background knowledge as diabetes specialists to form the ICTM. They later went on to write The Big Diabetes lie so as to educate people in regards to the natural methods of treating diabetes and to dispel common myths that traditional doctors instill in us related to diabetes, care, and overall outcome.


In the Big Diabetes Lie Ebook you will receive a list of tips that teach you how to best manage or prevent diabetes for yourself, a loved one, or a friend. You will also learn about untold secrets your doctor and the FDA do not want you to know about as they relate to diabetes treatment and medication currently on the market. Remove the necessity for diabetes drugs in your life with the book’s thirty thirty day program. In addition, you may find healthy recipes and a number of other helpful suggestions in the bonus ebooks which are provided with any purchase of The Big Diabetes Lie.

Full List of Features:

  • Learn about managing or reducing diabetes risk through natural remedies.
  • Get insider information about what doctors in conjunction with the FDA really do with diabetes medication.
  • Receive a thirty day program that can illuminate your diabetes.
  • Get a sixty day money back guarantee for ensured satisfaction with the product.


When you buy The Big Diabetes lie, you will receive a number of books in addition to the primary book. All of these may be helpful in ensuring a healthier way of living for your body and well being. These books include, The amazing Health From Water, which instructs you as to the importance of water in your daily life, and the proper amounts of water you should be taking in per each day. You will also receive books entitled The Dangers of Microwave Radiation, Death by Medicine, MSG, The Deadly Poison, and the Secrets of Antioxidants. All of these are downloadable files and come included in the price of The Big Diabetes Lie.

Money Back Guarantee

The ICTM offers a money back guarantee for all consumers of their products. If you purchase The Big Diabetes lie, you are given a sixty day money back guarantee. This way, you can be certain that you will get success out of the program before fully investing your funds. If you feel the tips contained within these books are not what you’re looking for, then you can easily get the full refund as long as you are within the sixty day range.

Pros of Big Diabetes Lie

  • Obtain instant access to all materials via digital download.
  • Buy all included ebooks for a substantially lower price than any diabetes related medication or management tool.
  • Read almost five hundred pages of tips and testimonials to help you deal with diabetes in a more healthier way.
  • Get additional health oriented books as bonuses in the low price of the entire package.
  • Complete a thirty day program to put yourself on the right track to living better despite your diabetes.

Cons of the Big Diabetes Lie

  • This product can not be purchased without an internet connection.
  • You must be self motivated in order to see change in your diabetic patterns through this product.
  • Lacks clinical evidences

Final Verdict about the Big Diabetes Lie

The Big Diabetes Lie is not a scam product by any means. Written by a team of doctors who combined their collected information into a comprehensive book, this writing is for anyone connected to the world of diabetes. Whether you or someone you love is diabetic, has high cholesterol, issues with blood pressure, or another related condition, you or your loved one could benefit from the contents of this electronic download.

This book features user testimonials in regards to the success of the product, to ensure that you could have the same results. It goes on to talk about the thirty day program to reduce relevant diabetic symptoms and gives tips for your success. It also discusses information that the food and drug administration has been withholding, or that your doctors don’t want you to know.

If you or someone you know has diabetes or may have diabetes, this series of electronic books may be a beneficial addition to your life. Since none of the provided books are actual educational materials nor medical assistance, it can not be expected to have the same results as direct help from a doctor. However, as long as you are motivated to make a better and healthier life for yourself, you will most likely gain knowledge and personal change from what the authors of these informational ebooks have to say.

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