The Best Dental Care Specialist in South Bay, Torrance, CA

Living with dental problems can be a daunting experience. Dental cavities cause pain while missing teeth or stained teeth make it impossible to achieve a beautiful smile. If you are living in South Bay, Torrance, CA, a visit to Dana Samat, DDS will take your dental issues away. The team at the center is led by Dr. Dana Samat, who has superior experience in offering relief to all dental issues. She graduated from Lunds University and started practicing there at the institution in 1997. She passed her dental board examination at the University of San Francisco, and in 2002 began offering dentistry services in California.

She owns United Dental Consulting, which is firmly focused on facilitating the success of other dental clinics in the region. At Bellflower Dental, she is a part-time director, striving to ensure the best services reach her clients. She is also an active member of the WHO, Oral Health Division. Believing in the principle of staying active and learning, she engages with other dentists through the Western Dental Society and the American Dental Association.

Why choose Dana Samat, DDS

There are numerous reasons why you should visit the clinic for your dental problems. Apart from receiving care from one of the best dentists in the area, you will also get:

  •         State of the art technologies and techniques

The team at the facility utilizes advanced and modern dental technologies to help patients achieve brighter smiles. These current technologies enable the dentists to customize solutions unique to every patient that visits the facility. Techniques such as Diagnostic CT scans and implanova implants can offer dazzling results to all patients.

  •         A Caring and professional team

The dentists at the facility believe everything good starts with a bright smile. That is why form the moment you step into the facility; you always get a caring and warm environment. The staff are friendly and strive to offer optimal support and comfort to all patients.

Services offered at the facility

The team at the facility provides numerous dental services. Some of them include:

  •         Invisalign

This is a modern teeth straightening technique that uses 3D imagery to create personalized aligner trays. What makes them excellent is that they are nearly invisible and will not interfere with your daily life. They gradually realign and straighten your teeth, enabling you to achieve beautiful smiles every day.

  •         CT Scan

A CT scan is a modern 3D imaging technique that seeks to give dentists a tool that offers in-depth information about a patient’s overall oral health. A Computerized Tomography (CT) scan is detailed that a regular X-Ray image. It can give precise information about a patient’s jaws and the surrounding areas like the nerve canals and nasal cavity.

  •         Teeth Whitening

Dr. Samat offers teeth whitening services to people suffering from stained teeth. The methods she uses are much more useful than take-home kits or whitening kinds of toothpaste. You can be sure that after your visit, you will have a brighter smile allowing you to regain your confidence.

  •         Dental Implants

These are artificial and replacement teeth that fill gaps left by missing teeth. They are usually surgically fused to the jaw bone, ensuring that they remain securely in place at all times. At the facility, the dentists will examine your affected area to come up with a customized implant right for you.

These are just some of the services you can expect to find. The others include:

  •         Cosmetic Dentistry
  •         Orthodontics
  •         Sedation Dentistry
  •         Veneers and,
  •         Crowns

Whatever your dental needs, you can be sure to find excellent solutions at the facility. Book for an appointment and get your dental health in check.