The Best CrossFit Gyms in Hollywood

CrossFit has been the talk of the town in more cities than just Hollywood. If you’re looking to jump on board, you’ve found the right place. CrossFit has been proven to increase member’s physical fitness, endurance, strength, and even mental toughness. Celebrities rave about the lifestyle change they’ve experienced by beginning their CrossFit journey. Who knows, if you’re going to do CrossFit near Hollywood, you might even run into one of them.

CrossFit Hollywood

CrossFit Hollywood is a true CrossFit gym located on La Brea Ave. Along with a CrossFit program, they also offer a burn class that focuses on high intensity interval training, a lifting class for both experienced and inexperienced lifters, open gym hours for advanced athletes, community classes, personal training, and a class called elements which is required for beginners before starting CrossFit. This gym offers amenities like 2 hours of free parking on the street in the nearby neighborhood, a retail shop, showers with complementary washing products, and of course free WiFi. Finding a class is easy, as there’s a schedule on their website that outlines the day-to-day programs.

Brick Los Angeles

Brick Los Angeles is a CrossFit gym in West Hollywood, which offers both CrossFit classes and group fitness classes that are unique to Brick. This affiliate gym prides themselves in their commitment to the CrossFit community along with the quality of their CrossFit trainers. They do require that people new to CrossFit take part in the BRICK | Academy program before beginning CrossFit for their safety and increased chance of success. To enroll in a CrossFit class, you just need to go to Brick Los Angeles website where you can click the CrossFit tab and enroll in the class that best fits your schedule. During the week Brick CrossFit is open from 6:00am to 9:00 pm and 7:30am to 2:30pm on weekends.

Strength RX

Strength RX is located on Melrose Ave and is one of the best gyms in the area. The gym is simple, but caters to all of your fitness needs. Along with CrossFit, Strength RX also offers classes like Rise and Grind, Mobility, BurnRx, and Functional Strength, and Fundamentals. On their website they write, “our mission has always been to create an environment where people of all backgrounds and fitness levels can train safely, work hard, and actually look forward to it. Because you’re never going to stick with something you don’t enjoy.” Strength RX is located in what’s more of a warehouse than a gym, but it’s their people and coaches that make them one of the best places to get fit.

CrossFit Mindset

This gym is located on Vermont Ave in Los Angeles and has quality coaches and certified trainers on board. This gym offers mindset classes that last one hour and prepares you to endure tough fitness obstacles in order to eventually reach your goals. A lot of CrossFit success has to do with being mentally tough; therefore training both the mind and the body is the perfect mix for meeting an end goal. You can find a full schedule of classes on their website where it’s easy to find a time and sign up. Also, if you fill out a free class form online, they’ll let you try it out first without making the commitment.

CrossFit High Voltage

High Voltage is another gym that lets you try out their facilities, trainers, and different approach to fitness for free before making the large commitment. Once you decide you love it, you can start your CrossFit journey regardless of your level of fitness. High Voltage offers high quality coaches that have already competed at the highest levels and know what it takes to succeed physically. Located in Burbank, CA, High Voltage looks to push its members past their known limits.

If you’re someone who loves to be pushed, challenged, and see real results, CrossFit is a great path for you.