The Basics of Family Medicine

Having primary care or a family medicine provider is important in helping you and your family enjoy better health care services and a happier life. At Patel & Patel, MD, Inc. board-certified family medicine practitioner Leela K Patel M.D., and her team of experts provide exceptional and comprehensive primary care services for you and your family. Their services are personalized and focused on your family’s specific needs.

Understanding what family medicine means

Family medicine is primary care for all the members of your family. Your family medicine provider not only treats diseases but takes care of you and your family’s medical needs. They do not focus on a specific part of the body or type of disease like other medical physicians. They offer all-round care. Family physicians are often the primary care physicians. They emphasize disease prevention and promoting health care depending on their knowledge of the patient in the context of the family and the community, providing comprehensive care for members of all ages.

Essential roles of a family practitioner

  •   They oversee your preventive care- Your family medicine provider works to educate you and your family on disease prevention and health maintenance. Preventive care may include nutritional counseling, weight control, fertility testing and counseling, stress relief and anger management techniques, routine checkups, and cancer screening tests such as breast exams and Pap smears.
  •   They manage common complaints-  These complaints may include immunizations or minor infections. Family medicine practitioners are there to provide you and your family with the appropriate prescription medication.
  •   They help in diagnosing emerging conditions- Family medicine providers familiarize themselves with your family’s medical history. This makes them able to recognize significant symptoms that might indicate a serious or hidden condition. Whenever your condition becomes serious and requires a more concentrated focus, they refer you to other physicians specialized in treating the disease, but they always act as your primary care physician by staying involved and informed and ensure that all your medical needs are met.
  •   They manage chronic illness- Family physicians manage chronic illnesses by providing ongoing and personalized care to you and your family. They regularly perform tests to monitor your progress and determine the next best option in your individualized treatment plan.
  •   They provide emergency assistance- In case of an emergency, the first person to call should be your family medical physician. They not only provide support but are in a better position to talk you through first-aid techniques as they better understand your family’s medical history and therefore know what will best work for you.
  •   They help in building trust- This makes it easier for you and your family to freely visit the hospital often and make you comfortable to talk about physical concerns you might be having. Also, they make it convenient for you, as depending on the level of your relationship, they can even do home visits.

At Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc., your family care provider assists you in making the changes you need to effectively improve your health and reduce your risk of getting sick. To find out more about the wide spectrum of family medicine services available at Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc. call their office or schedule an appointment online today.