The 5 Most Common Dental Services to Improve Your Smile and Dental Health

Are you looking to improve your smile and dental health? Tamesha Morris, DDS at Momentum Dental Care can help. The family and cosmetic dentist use modern dental techniques to provide quality and effective dental care to cater to your family’s dental needs.

When it comes to dental care, comfort is a necessity to ensure successful dental treatments. Dr. Morris understands that and uses sedation and anesthesia to prevent discomfort and pain during your operation. Nothing should stop you from achieving healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile. Contact Dr. Morris today for a friendly and comfortable dental experience.

Here are some of the dental services you can benefit from with Dr. Morris’s expertise.

Dental implants

Dental implants are the best permanent solution for missing teeth. Made of a titanium post, they merge with the jaw bone to resemble your natural tooth roots. Implants enhance a smile, improve chewing and biting, prevent severe bone damage, and provide a foundation for dental restorations.

Dental implants are from solid and biocompatible materials allowing durability compared to other methods for teeth replacements. For effective results, it is advisable to observe dental hygiene through brushing and flossing, and regular dental exams, just like your natural teeth.

Teeth whitening

If you are insecure about your smile due to yellow teeth and stains, consider teeth whitening. The teeth whitening procedure involves dental bleaching agents to restore the original color of your enamel.

Though tooth yellowing is part of aging, other causes may contribute to teeth discoloration, including:

  •       Smoking
  •       Teeth injuries
  •       Some medications
  •       Beverages such as red wine and coffee
  •       Tomato-based foods
  •       Poor oral hygiene

The results of a teeth whitening treatment may last for up to six months. For better results, daily brushing and professional teeth cleaning may help. Avoiding some habits such as smoking and coffee intake, among others, may also help reduce the stains.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges serve as dental restorations to repair tooth decay, damage, or loss. Crowns are top coverings placed on a cracked or chipped tooth to restore tooth shape, size, and function.

Bridges fill a gap created from lost or missing teeth. They improve chewing and biting and reduce your risk of severe oral health issues like gum recession.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition mainly characterized by heavy snoring. The problem occurs due to the soft tissues in the mouth covering the throat. When they cover a part of your throat, the tissues vibrate, causing snoring. In severe cases, you may stop breathing for some time, which is risky.

Suppose your partner or family members complain of your loud snoring; you may be experiencing sleep apnea. Consider visiting Momentum Dental Care for check-ups and treatment.

Emergency dentistry

Emergency dentistry is very critical in any dental practice. A dental accident or injury, or even toothache, may occur at any given time. Having a place you can rush to for urgent care without an appointment is helpful. Momentum Dental Care is there for times like that and offers emergency dentistry services to save your teeth, alleviate pain, and improve oral health.

Contact their office today for all your dental concerns.