Testosterone Therapy Clinic in Minneapolis

Testosterone has several roles. It is responsible for:

  • muscle growth (which is why it is often abused in sports)
  • blood formation 
  • sexuality
  • beard growth 

Testosterone deficiency begins at the age of 30years old. This leads to decreased muscle formation and strength, depressed mood, lowered desire for sex (libido), increased fat accumulation on the abdomen and hips, and sleep disturbances. Negative changes associated with the body are largely independent of the individual’s circumstances but are difficult to separate from one. Patients with testosterone hormone deficiency are less emotionally stable and are plagued by more complaints in everyday life.

Necessary Treatment 

All complaints are reversible by replacing the hormone and compensating for deficiency. Testosterone has also enjoyed rapidly growing popularity in the U.S. for years as an ingredient in anti-aging supplements for healthy men over 50. In the Mini Apple area, you can find testosterone replacement therapy in Minneapolis at an appropriate medical center with hormone deficiency treatment. 

What We Do

Testosterone replacement therapy should only be considered when the symptoms described clearly indicate a testosterone deficiency. Of course, it is important to make the correct diagnosis prior to therapy.

At HGH clinic Minneapolis, we will provide you with the necessary medical advice about possible desirable and undesirable effects of treatment before you make the final decision to undergo therapy to increase your testosterone levels. The examinations leading to the diagnosis consist, on one hand, of a detailed interview, which should provide information about the presence of the symptoms already mentioned and, on the other hand, of a specific hormone analysis. This requires several blood tests to confirm abnormal values.

Crucial examinations are the relationship to other hormones that influence testosterone production and the causes of testosterone depletion.

Modern methods are available today for the actual treatment. These include, for example, depot injections or gels that are applied to the skin.

During the actual therapy, regular control examinations inspect whether the therapy is well tolerated and whether the dose is correct or needs to be adjusted