The Splendid Spoon Review – Is this Meal Plan Scam ?

Overview of the Splendid Spoon Meal Plan

Do you believe in clean eating and long-term lifestyles changes? Splendid Spoon is the right place to get you clean eating and healthy diet food. They are not just like the ordinary restaurants to offer a variety of food, rather their focus is on the healthy and mindful diet. 

What is Splendid Spoon actually? Well, it is a plant-based food company that is gluten-free and vegan. It is perfect for the vegans, vegetarian. There is a meal plan for weeks and months for the subscribers of this food company. Their menu keeps on changing bringing in new flavors. 

According to the meal plans they have:

  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Lunch
  • Breakfast, lunch and Reset

The prices are not very high for each meal, they range from $45-$85 per week depending upon the package you are availing. There are regular discounts and coupons as well for subscribers to avail. 

The program and meal plan help people to get back on healthy track and also help them to lose extra pounds. They have a lot of offers for their meal subscribers, here are few of the meals they are offering:

  • Grain bowls
  • Breakfast smoothies
  • Lunch bowls
  • Sippable resets

Grain bowls are mix of veggies and wholesome grains like brown rice provided with the new varieties as well. Breakfast smoothies are blend of fruit, veggies and superfoods that are low on sugar. Lunch bowls contain healthy soups while Sippable resets contain bottled blends of superfoods and vegetables. 

the splendid spoon reviews

Main features of the product

Splendid Spoon is actually a meal providing company that helps people have the meal on the go. Those who are too much busy in their life that they lack time to have proper meal, Splendid Spoon is for them to avoid unhealthy and junk food in case of emergency. 

Splendid Spoon have different packages based on the needs of people for specific meal type. Here are the packages provided by Splendid Spoon:

  • Lunch
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Breakfast, Lunch and reset


There are five bowls per week at the rate of $65. Lunch includes soups of different varieties and tastes. They are sent in microwave plastic containers that heat up in just 3 minutes. Each container has two serving and hence there is less chances of craving for dinner more than this. 

We are naming here the few soup recipes by Splendid Spoon:

  • Red lentil dal with cumin and rosemary
  • Leek and turnip chowder
  • Lentil and Kale with madras curry and Saigon cinnamon
  • Red cabbage borscht
  • Masala kichri


There are five smoothies in the breakfast at the rate of $30 excluding the Breakfast + Lunch offer that collectively make up to $95. Smoothies are bottled with each container having two servings. You can have them chilled or mix them with homemade smoothies as well. 

We are naming here the few smoothies by Splendid Spoon:

  • Blueberry acai smoothie
  • Cacao almond smoothie
  • AB + J smoothie
  • Power greens smoothie
  • Hibiscus maqui smoothie

Sippable Reset

In case, people feel it insufficient on their diet, Splendid Spoon has another offer of sippable resets to add more to their fiber rich diet. These are the bottled soups that are purely made with superfoods and veggies. These soups are consumable in both hot and chilled form which makes them available on the go. 

They cannot be put in to microwave like smoothies and lunch bowls, and their life time is just one week. You have to consume them within a week. Here are the different recipes provided by Splendid Spoon:

  • Celery plant with russet potatoes and thyme
  • Pumpkin pear hempseed with cardamom and Saigon cinnamon
  • Carrot turmeric elixir
  • Vegan bone broth with shiitakes and bok choy

Grain bowls

Grain bowls are a combination of veggies and legumes with grains like rice. The containers they are packed in are microwaveable. Few recipes make a great late-night dinner. Here are the grain bowls provided by Splendid Spoon:

  • Lemon wild rice and broccoli bowl
  • Tuscan white bean and tomato bowl
  • Aloo gobi quinoa bowl

Pros of the Meal Plan

Splendid Spoon is an amazing product tried by hundreds of people that are quite satisfied by their recipes. Once their package is finished, they soon crave for more. It is ideal for having health and clean food in no time. Here are the pros of this product:

  • Splendid Spoon provides clean and healthy food to the people.
  • Splendid Spoon provides nutrients and fiber rich food to the vegans, vegetarians.
  • You do not have to wait for your meal to get ready to be eaten, rather you can have it on the go without wasting your time.
  • Splendid Spoon has amazing packages at affordable rates to make your day. Their each meal has two servings which makes them ideal for dinner as well.
  • Their meals have high fiber content and they prevent your stomach from bloating hence, playing its role in losing extra pounds on your body. 

The main benefit of using Splendid Spoon is to consider that it does not use disposable packaging rather they have recyclable packaging to help keeping our environment safe.

Cons of the Meal Plan

The product and its company are so amazing that we hardly found any con in the product. But to name few we have:

  • As you are new to have meals by Splendid Spoon, their clean, nutrient rich plant-based soups might be overwhelming for you. But once you get used to it, it gets normal for you.
  • As Splendid Spoon do not have dinner meal in their plan so you yourself need to fend for dinner. 

But this is not a big deal as the meals from Splendid Spoon contain two servings. It is possible that you are satisfied with one serving and can have the second in your dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Splendid Spoon really help in losing weight?

Yes, to some extent. There are evidences people lost 2 pounds in just one week. The meals are nutrient rich and veggies, they help to control stomach bloating. 

  • Can I have my coffee in the morning?

Of course, there is no restrictions on drinking coffee, you can have it before your breakfast. Having smoothie as a breakfast cannot interfere with your coffee routine.

  • How the meals sent to me are packed?

Their package is quite encouraging. They have thoughtful packages to reduce their carbon footprints by using the recyclable material, saving the planet. 

  • I have gluten allergy, is it safe for me?

Well this might be good news for you. All of the meals by Splendid Spoon are gluten free and safe for you.


People are always looking for the easy ways to have their meal in busy daily routines and they end up eating high carb food that does nothing but increase their calorie count and weight ultimately. Splendid Spoon is to help such people who have tough schedule to take out time for preparing their meals, by providing the prepared on the go meals. Some of the meals even do not need heating, so you can have them anytime anywhere. 

The meal by Splendid Spoon is fiber rich and make you eat clean, healthy and nutrient rich food as Splendid Spoon is plant-based food company.

splendid spoon review