Spinal Fracture Recovery Tips

Mesa is a small city on the outskirts of Phoenix. Spinal fractures in Mesa are rare but serious enough to be a concern.

The spine is one of the most delicate yet crucial parts of the body. Damage to the spine means a movement of any sort becomes restricted.

A spinal fracture could be the result of a serious injury or a medical condition such as osteoporosis. Addressing the fracture as soon as possible will affect your health immediately and also in the future.

Recovering from a fractured spine is a daunting challenge. The following tips should help make it easier:

  1.     Rest as Much as Possible

Resting is the key to recovery after undergoing a fracture to your spine. The body is a self-healing organism and what it needs is time to repair such a delicate part of your body.

Resting after a spinal fracture is a lot easier said than done. Whenever you move your body even in the slightest, you will be activating your body’s inflammatory response so you need to be as still as you can.

You should refrain from any twisting or lifting movement for several weeks after surgery. You may also be forced to make certain changes to your sleeping arrangements to ensure maximum comfort while you rest.

  1.     Use a Brace

Medical aids can be very helpful when recovering from a spinal fracture. The spine will need a lot of support during the recovery period so you can use all the help you can get.

A back brace is the most common medical aid used for spinal support after a spinal fracture. Your doctor or physical therapist might recommend the back brace so that your back is immobilized during the recovery process.

A brace will reduce the chance of you further injuring yourself which can seriously impede the recovery process. However, you will have to gradually regain use of your back muscles so don’t use the brace for too long.

  1.     Engage in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the best way to regain the use of a fractured spine in the long run. Almost every surgeon will recommend physical therapy as part of the recovery process.

You will need to strengthen the muscles all the way from your shoulder to your hips if you are to regain full mobility in your spine. Your abdominal muscles have a crucial part to play in the recovery from a fractured spine as well.

Physical therapy will include flexibility exercises to increase your range of motion as well as strength exercises. It will also include advice on proper nutrition as well as proper posture.

  1.     Only Use Medicine When Necessary

A spinal fracture is one of the most painful injuries you can experience. It is very tempting to use pain medication often when recovering from the fracture.

However, too much pain medication will provide a false sense of relief that only occurs when you take the medicine. You will also be risking addiction.

You should only use pain medication when necessary during recovery. The moment you don’t need the medication anymore you should stop using it.