Some Facts About The Dental Implant Industry

Thanks to the advanced research and technologies in the dentistry, there are many comfortable and convenient dental procedures came into practice. These dental procedures have the power to give you a good time by eliminating your dental issues completely. One such procedure is dental implants that have carved a niche for itself in recent times. According to experts, if it is done correctly, the success rates are more than 95% and it is a welcome thing. Dental implant treatment is all about replacing the missing or damaged tooth with the new one made of titanium. This tooth looks like a natural one and you can lead your normal life just after the procedure. In short, it is convenient, safe and comfortable to go for it.

However, there are some poorly written articles and research papers that you need to throw in the trash bin. Here is a list of some facts about the dental implant industry that you need to know.

Some Dentists Don’t Have a Degree/Diploma Or Surgical Expertise To Place Dental Implants.

It is true. All those doctors who carry out those lucrative PR activities for dental implants, only a few of them have a legitimate dentistry medical degree. Most of them are people who have taken 1 or 2 days of surgical training at seminars for dental implants. It is shocking but true. There are many dental implant manufacturers that organize such 2 days of surgical training for them and in just 2 days, they are given surgical training certificate too. Now, they are certified surgeon who can fix your dental implant. The advice- hire a dentist that has a degree/diploma in dentistry. It is about your health and well-being.

The Usage Of Clones Are Increasing

Clones are nothing but a duplicate design of the dental implant device with a minor change that has expired patent. Due to the cut-throat competition, these dental implant manufacturers are picking such dead patent devices and making their duplicates and sending them back to the dentists to use them. These implant clones do not have any clinical documentation to confirm the manufacturer’s claims. It is a false practice and dangerous too. The irony is that they are getting enough orders for such clone dental implants from the dentists.

New Designs Of Dental Implants With False Claims:

Copying is not one industry’s monopoly. There are many dental implant manufacturers who are coping certain portion of successful dental implant device from the competitors and add some new portion and they claim similar reasons too. In addition to that, these design combinations are getting good results too and traditional companies that are finding it hard to sustain after the introduction of new manufacturers, are practicing it to gain the market share and also to retain their customers.

Clone Companies Are Leaving The Industry

Yes, it is a relief from being an end user. There are many clone companies that have ended their operations in the dental implant industry after finding it hard to sustain. There are many such cases in the recent years where dental implant manufacturers who have cloned other systems are washed away from the market.

Your Dentist Don’t Need To Tell You Which Dental Implants Are Used In The Treatment:

Yes, it is also true. The US FDA does not have a regulation that implies on the dentists to reveal about the dental implant type and other information. There are more than 90 dental implant manufacturers and more than 340 different dental implant devices in the market.


When you go for dental implants in Indianapolis, you need to ensure that you hire a good dentist who can also share the details of the dental implant he is fixing in your mouth.