Smile Make Over Services

How many times have you wished for that dazzling smile that you saw with people who have a perfect set of teeth? Well, Dr. David Shouhed in Los Angeles can make your dream a reality. He gives you a routine dental cleaning and an exam that uses complex restoration and cosmetic dentistry just to make your smile perfect.

Save your time by getting an in-office personalized service, either tooth whitening or a dental implant to give you a smile makeover by use of a custom combination of cosmetic and restorative dental care.

The team at Smile Perfector Dental Group focuses on teeth authentication and their improvement. They utilize procedures such as:

Teeth Whitening

Dental Hygiene, use of hydrogen peroxide, and formula toothpaste are among the teeth whitening remedies that have been suggested to cure teeth staining and yellowing brought by poor oral hygiene, drinking darkly pigmented beverages, eating stained food, smoking cigarettes, and taking certain medications. However, in-office whitening and at-home whitening treatments have been tested and have proved to be the best in perfecting your teeth and giving you the privilege to give back a smile, which is a beautiful gesture. Patients who have tried this cure can confirm that it is the best they have ever had.

  •       In-Office Whitening

This is an hour procedure that involves applying a chemically activated whitening gel on your teeth repeated twice after 20 minutes. It is quick and comfortable since you do not have to sit under the light.

  •       At-Home Whitening System

This is the creation of a set of custom trays designed with an impression of your teeth that you take home and hug your teeth for the solution to work.

Dental Veneer Placement

This is the bonding of thin pieces of porcelain over your front teeth, which help to close teeth gaps making them straighter, hide discolorations, chips, and cracks.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns go over or cap your teeth to protect and enhance them while bridges bridge the gap between missing teeth. When used together, they help hide misshapen teeth and protect the damaged ones giving your teeth an attractive and natural look.

Sure Smile Clear Aligners

This is a quick, comfortable, and less conspicuous process that helps straighten crooked or misaligned teeth also used to correct misaligned jaws.

If you want to enhance your smile, then a smile makeover is what you need. Meet this team of qualified dentists from smile Perfect Smile Dental Group and discuss your insecurities and anxieties; they will create a custom treatment plan for you depending on your smile makeover. Based on their assessment, you may have to attend several appointments to complete your transformation.

You don’t need to be embarrassed by dark stains, discolorations, teeth gaps, misshapen or unaligned teeth anymore. Get an easier, better, and convenient smile makeover from skilled professionals who work together to enhance the beauty of your smile, and promote your confidence in the safest, cheapest, and most effective ways. Contact them and book an appointment today by calling their office or scheduling an appointment online.