Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight

Eating right and maintaining a healthy weight is all the rage today, which is a good thing, because being healthy is, in short, good for you. Contemporary ideas of fashion are no long longer about who can be the thinnest, it’s about how to be your best you. Fitness is an important part of that and, with the thought of healthy habits in mind, we’d like to discuss on activity that can help with healthy weight loss, and that is sleeping.

Sleeping is healthy in so many ways. When we sleep our bodies repair and replace damaged cells like heart vessels. If you sleep well, your emotional state will tend to be healthy and your mind will be alert and ready to go. Another great benefit of a good night’s sleep is helping you aid in your weight loss goals.

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Burn Calories

When you get the best night sleep available to you then our energy levels the next day is at a peak. Not only that, when you are sawing away in your sleep your body burns calories as well. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a study that discovered that folks who slept well burned five percent more calories than people who did not sleep well. In addition to that, good night sleepers all burned a higher percentage of calories than disrupted sleepers.

You Eat More

A study at Harvard Medical School found that when a person is tired they they tend to overeat. This is due to a decreased activity in their ventromedial prefrontal cortex, which is the part of your brain that controls behavior and inhibition. So, if you don’t get the sleep you need, the part of your brain that tells you not to eat that extra piece of cheesecake won’t do anything to stop you. Let’s face it, when we are fighting off cheesecake we can use all the help you can get.

Snack No More

When we are up late, tossing and turning, it’s easy to head to the cabinet and pull out some crackers to go with that great brie hiding in the fridge. This type of behavior won’t only stop you from losing weight, odds are you can gain well over a pound a week if it’s continuous. These claims are not just speculation.

At the University of Pennsylvania, they forced folks to stay up until 4am for seven nights and woke them up at 8am the next day. Then they took another group and allowed them to sleep from 11pm until 8am. Out of the two groups, the first, who were deprived sleep, had a significant weight increase. Researchers realized that after 11pm the first group consumed more than 500 calories, which they wouldn’t have eaten if they were sleeping.

These results make us believe people may eat out of boredom, which is another enemy of weight loss.

Fat No More

The next study that helps us understand how sleeping helps us lose weight is from the University of Chicago. They took two groups as well, and studied their weight loss. Each participant ate around 1,450 calories a day, but one group got five and half hours sleep while the other had eight and a half. The second group, which got better sleep, lost a significant amount of weight opposed to the group that lacked in sleep.

Another interesting finding is that the weight lost by the sleep deprived group was one quarter fat while the fat lost on the well-rested group was half fat. This is twice as much fat loss for those that sleep well.

Large Portion No More

A study from Sweden asked volunteers to work on a computer to plan out their “ideal portion size” for a meal. They were allowed to choose what food items they wanted and avoid those they did not. Half of the group was lacking sleep while the other half had a great night’s sleep. The results were interesting with the tired participants continually choosing 35 calories more than their well-rested counterparts.

More Healthy

As it turns out, your choices when grocery shopping tend to be healthier when we had a great night’s sleep. A journal titled Obesity reported that out of two groups of men, those that slept less purchased over 1,000 more calories at the grocery store then those that had better sleep. Both groups were served a hearty breakfast before heading out, so hunger did not play a role in these purchases.


While squats, burpees, and a great elliptical machine can help us lose weight, so can a great night’s sleep. Getting the rest, you need is important for a healthy lifestyle, which will translate into a weight you desire.