Everything to Know about Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Tightening Treatments

With growing age, the skin loses its elasticity and structural integrity. There are several modern procedures to get flawless and young-looking skin. They include invasive and non-invasive skin care treatments. You needn’t undergo painful surgery to revitalize your skin when you have options like RF or radiofrequency treatment. 

Radiofrequency is an effective procedure that stimulates collagen production and induces synthesis of collagen in the skin. Here’s everything to know about it.

Benefits of Using RF Treatment

RF procedures help to tighten the collagen fibers in the deeper layers of your skin. They stimulate new collagen synthesis at the same time to give effective results. After 3-6 sessions, you will notice visible changes in your skin. 

Treatments like OxyGeneo result in complete rejuvenation by utilizing the natural ability of your body to increase tissue oxygen. It combines oxygenation happening inside the body with essential nutrients infused through the treatment. 

How Does the RF Treatment Work?

In the radiofrequency procedures, the skin is oxygenated from inside, using a natural process called the Bohr Effect. The treatment triggers oxygenation by creating a layer of carbon dioxide on the surface of the skin. It causes the flow of blood to the face, where it releases more oxygen in the skin. 

Since it is a natural treatment, it has long-term effects without any damages to the skin. Prefer a facial therapy like OxyGeneo that uses vacuum-sealed gel for each procedure. 

Steps in RF Treatment for Skin Tightening

RF treatment is a non-surgical facelift without any risks or downtime. There’s a series of procedures taking place over 2-3 weeks. And it doesn’t even require a recovery period because results appear immediately and there aren’t any side effects. If you choose OxyGeneo treatment, it involves these steps:

RF Tripollar

Before starting RF treatment, the aestheticians apply a gentle cleanser on the skin to do a complete analysis. It helps to determine the skin type and conditions. Tripollar RF leads to the heating of hypodermal and dermal layers of the skin. Due to this, the skin undergoes increased production of elastin and collagen. After working on this gel, the skin care specialist moves on to the 3-in-1 facial.

Exfoliating the Skin

The process of exfoliation in OxyGeneo is similar to microdermabrasion. In this process, the aesthetician will use the gel serum for peeling the upper layer of your skin. It results in the removal of dead skin cells and preparing the skin for active nutrients. Since the gel serum is safe for all skin types, you won’t feel any irritation even if you have sensitive skin. 

Infusing the Active Ingredients

Once your skin is ready, it’s time to infuse active nutrients for skin rejuvenation and brightening. There are several options here. Choose the right one after consulting your aesthetician. 

Oxygenating the Skin

The serum used in RF treatment produces carbon dioxide bubbles that will disintegrate gently on your skin to start a physiological response. It increases capillary flow, sends oxygen-rich blood to the face, and improves skin metabolism. 

This therapy will make you feel light and fresh. Also, it adds a dewy glow to your skin. But, get this done only at a certified spa under the experienced aestheticians.