Skin Restoration Procedure to Make you Look Younger

Your skin loses its allure and strength as you age. Understandably, this worries you because the skin is the point that opens you to the world. Biological processes underneath the skin are responsible for the rough skin as you age. Fortunately, Dr. D. Bernardini in Parker and the team at New Age Aesthetics & Wellness has a solution to help you beat aging on matters like skin tone and texture. With modern advancements in skin treatment procedures, the doctor will give your skin a rejuvenation that will leave it looking pristine.

Why you need skin rejuvenation

The procedure improves various points of the skin, including tone, texture, clarity, and quality. Clean skin has many benefits as it improves your looks and confidence. Skin rejuvenation procedures typically involve two processes that include the invasive type and the non-invasive type.  New Age Aesthetics & Wellness staff will evaluate your skin and recommend the best procedure for you.

What to expect during the rejuvenation procedure

The rapid development of technology ensures a wide range of categories for you. Your skin color or age does not matter since your doctor specializes in laser technology, Botox, Galderma  Fillers, Allergen Fillers, and Radiofrequency Microneeding.

What to expect during different skin procedures

  •       Botox

Botox is a type of injectable that helps to limit the movement of muscles. Muscles are responsible for the wrinkles on your face. Additionally, wrinkles increase as you age; thus, Botox is an excellent treatment to address age-related skin issues. As you age, the skin concerns that your doctor can address include crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines.

  •       Galderma Fillers

The fillers mainly consist of hyaluronic acid. The acid is fast-acting and can give you results within the first six months at a minimum and 18 months at maximum. This type of filler is suitable for you if you want more volume at various skin points. Therefore, the procedure is more helpful in your lips or face region.

  •       Allergan Fillers

Just like the Galderma fillers, this product contains hyaluronic acid. The importance of this product is that it prevents your skin from drying for a long time. In some instances, it maintains the sturdiness of your skin for six months at a minimum, and to some people up to 12 months. Your doctor will recommend this for you if you have skin depletion and need facial symmetry for that pristine look.

  •       Radiofrequency Micro-needling

Microneeding is a helpful procedure that helps remove scars and acne. Your doctor will use a special device called Morpheus8 that produces a series of waves that penetrate deep into your skin. Radiofrequency energy in the waves helps promote the production of collagen that helps in rejuvenation.

What to expect after a skin rejuvenation procedure

The procedure’s primary role is giving you new skin. Therefore, after the procedure, you will have tighter, healthy, and soft skin. Your doctor can also treat skin conditions such as:

  •       Large pores
  •       Rosacea
  •       Discoloration
  •       Wrinkles and fine lines
  •       Age spots

Skin issues can make you lose confidence. Confidence helps you reach the highest points on many projects. New Age Esthetics and Wellness in Parker, CO, will help you reach those points. Make a booking online or make a call for inquiries.