Skin Care Tips

The daily grind can really be a lot sometimes. Going to work can wear down your body, mind, and soul. One way to relieve some of the stresses that your body goes through in a week is to take a day and treat your body, because it’s the only one you have! Here are just a few ways you can make sure your skin gets the most out of a day off.

Use Trusted Products to Treat Your Skin

Your day of self-care is a treat for your spirit, right? Your body and skin wants that same kind of luxury treatment. On your self-care day, up your skincare routine by using more high-end products that really take the wear out of your skin. You might even surprise yourself and start incorporating some of those fancy things into your daily routine! But, more importantly, treat self-care day as a spa day for your skin. Splurge and invest in the right “guilty pleasure” skin products from trusted luxury spa brands, like Key West Health & Beauty.

Use This Day to Focus on YOU!

Turn your phone on Do Not Disturb for the day. Turn on your vacation message for your inbox, and focus on yourself. You do so much for the rest of the world around you for the other six days a week, so take this time to focus on yourself today. The rest of the world acts as a stressor for your brain, and in turn, your skin. The world is so stressful for you and your skin that the US government even wrote about the connection between psychological stress and its harmful effects for your skin. So sit back, relax, read a book, turn on some of your favorite songs and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home-your skin will thank you.

Your Skin Will Eat It Up

Self-care also means fueling your body the right way. Dark chocolate, fruits, and a nice glass of red wine are all indulgences that your body will actually thank you for! Taking care of yourself means these treats in moderation, but for a day, eat your luxury foods like the royalty that you are. Although it is your self-care day, your skin would appreciate it if you stuck to these whole, natural foods rather than loading up on buttery, rich desserts or greasy fried delights because the high fat, sugar, and dairy content wreaks havoc on your pores.


When all else fails, one of the best things you can do for your skin on a self-care day is to sleep the day away. This lets you block out the stresses of the world while also giving your skin a chance to repair and renew itself from the damages caused by daily stress. A little nap can go a long way, though, if you do want to be awake for part of your self-care day. As little as a fifteen-minute power nap can recharge your brain and do everything from make you feel refreshed to increase your levels of creativity, and your skin will replenish itself then, too!

You’ll find that most of these tips can be added into your daily regimen. While you may not be able to nap daily, you can add in skin products and a dedicated phone free time to give your body time to relax.