Simple Ways to Reduce Slips and Falls in Your Business

Slips and falls are some of the most common causes of workplace accidents. The injuries may range from minor to fatal. Falls may cause severe traumas such as head injuries, lacerations, and broken bones. While a fall risk assessment in Idaho Falls is excellent, it may not be enough to address your problem. According to Idaho legislation, you are eligible for compensation if you are involved in a job-related slip and fall accident.

How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents


Keep your walkways clear to minimize the chances of slipping and falling. This includes empty boxes, files, and pens. Get rid of any unnecessary material in your entranceways, aisles, and stairwells. Come up with clear policies to govern the housekeeping habits in your office. This is especially important when scrap material is involved. Simple ways to declutter include:

  • Do not leave boxes and files lying around
  • Clean the passageways and work areas regularly
  • Do not leave cables and stringing cords in the hallways 

Clean Up Spills

Clean up spills as soon as possible. While you wait to clean it, place a warning sign around it. If you let it soak into the floor, it could make the surface more slippery than usual. 


Proper lighting in and out of your workspace can prevent slip and fall accidents. Have lots of light, especially in the areas where your employees and customers spend a lot of time. The following lighting tips may help you promote good lighting:

  • Repair cords, fixtures, and switches as soon as they malfunction
  • Have sufficient lighting in your hallways, walkways, dock areas, and basements
  • Ensure that the area around your light switches is accessible and clear

Control Individual Behavior

Even though it can be difficult to control people’s behaviors in your workspace, employers should continuously remind their employees to stay safe. It is normal to be distracted, especially when in a hurry. 


Wearing the right shoes can have a major role in preventing slips and falls. Think about the traction of your shoes and the types of heels they have. Ensure that the shoelaces are tied correctly. In the event of a fall-related injury, footwear will be examined. Employees should always wear the right shoes at work. 

Check the Floor Conditions

Ensure that your floor remains in good condition. It should have no holes or cracks. A professional may help you check the floor inside and out. If necessary, they will do the repairs to prevent slips. 

Even though slip and fall accidents are common, they are preventable. Most of the accidents are attributed to carelessness. Be proactive in protecting your employees and customers. 

Reduce Slippery Surfaces

Slippery walking surfaces account for a big portion of injuries. Injuries are common in areas such as: 

  • Parking lots,
  • Food preparation areas
  • Sidewalks
  • Floors

Increasing the traction in your outdoor space ensures that your sidewalks remain in good condition. You should constantly monitor your traction control procedures. 

In conclusion, slip and fall accidents may be common but they are preventable. You can minimize them by reducing slippery surfaces, decluttering, and cleaning up spills.