Simple Incentives That Help You Lose Weight

Nobody said losing weight is effortless. So don’t kid yourself. You can make it a little easier by setting yourself simple incentives though. 

The best way to incentivize your weight loss program is to set both short-term and long-term goals. Sure, buying a new training outfit, sneakers and a yoga mat will give you the initial burst of enthusiasm but it doesn’t last. 

If you really want to lose weight, you have to put in the effort to exercise and improve your diet consistently. The incentives we suggest below will help if you include all of them in your weight loss masterplan.

Set Yourself Targets 

Targets give you the all-important psychological advantage that will make you more determined to stick with your program. However, don’t set yourself weight loss targets, set yourself workout targets. 

The nature of your workout is not too important when you are first starting out. For example, walking for 25 minutes a day will help you lose weight. Experts recommend a minimum of 10,000 steps a day is the magic number.

However, if you have been inactive for some time, 3,000 steps a day is a more realistic target. 

Track your target by downloading a walking app that counts your steps. There are lots of free walking apps and most of them have additional features should as converting your steps into cash or building a route map.

Add Fat-Busting Spices To Your Diet 

Researchers from Stanford University show that food tastes better when it prepared with flavor. As a result, more healthy-eating brands and health experts are adding herbs and spices to their meals. 

In addition, it has been found that some spices can actually help increase your metabolism and enhance weight by up to 4.91 per cent. Fat-busting foods include coffee, air-fried potatoes and peanut butter. Who’d have thought!

Improve Your Sex Life

Does this subheading even need an explanation? 

Oh okay, if you need proof, researchers at Duke University Medical Center found that a 10 per cent drop in body weight can increase sexual appetite and satisfaction. 

The study involved 500 participants that took part in an intensive weight loss program. Participants reported that after losing weight, they enjoyed sex more (stronger orgasm), had more sex, and performed better in bed. 

We’d say that’s ticking all the boxes.

Reward Yourself 

Rewarding yourself for hitting your targeted goals is an incentive you cannot ignore in a weight loss program. However, the incentives have to be worthwhile and not taken for granted.

For example, if you meet your daily targets, treating yourself to a bar of chocolate will steer you back into bad eating habits. Not a good idea!

No, your incentives have to be structured and worthwhile; something you really want to do. 

So treat yourself to moments of luxury such as a holiday or a monthly massage. A relaxing massage actually improves your blood flow and metabolism, so it’s a win-win incentive. 

To get the reward, you have to be strict with yourself. So be honest and don’t give yourself a free pass if you don’t reach your weight loss goal. 

Weight Loss Success

Most weight-loss programs fail because participants do not have the right mindset. A lifelong habit of eating unhealthy junk food makes it difficult to turn down a burger and fries, and motivating yourself to perform physical exercise can feel like a burden. 


Giving yourself incentives that have tangible goals with significant benefits -and sticking to the rules – is a great way to lose weight without it feeling so difficult.