Signs Your Workout Program Isn’t Working

Building muscle on a consistent basis is tough right? It requires paying daily attention to your diet and that you workout regularly. But one of the things that can significantly reduce your ability to build muscle is to follow a workout routine that isn’t right for you. Making all of your muscle building efforts be in vain. This article is going to give you some pointers to look out for that will help you to avoid following a bad workout routine.

  1. It doesn’t make use of progressive overload

One of the key ways to build muscle is to consistently lift more volume than you did in previous workouts. This can be in the form of heavier weights or more reps. If your workout program doesn’t make you increase the amount of weight that you are lifting or it doesn’t increase the amount of reps on a monthly basis then it is likely that it will be hindering your ability to build muscle. You don’t have to lift more in every workout but your total volume should be increasing on a monthly basis.

  1. It doesn’t have variety

Something Arnold Schwarzenegger often would talk about is that you have to shock the muscles. The way he did it was to constantly be changing his workout routine. If your workout routine follows a similar pattern week in week out then it is likely that your muscles are going to grow accustomed to your workouts and will reduce your ability to build muscle. If you find that your workouts are not changing on a monthly basis then you should look to follow a new workout routine.

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  1. You’re not working regularly

In order to build muscle you need to be working out for at least three times per week. If you are not doing this then it is likely that you will not be putting your muscles under stress enough in order for them to be in a hypertrophic state often enough.

  1. You’re working out too often

On the other hand, working out too often can be problematic too. If you workout daily for a prolonged period of time without giving your body a chance to rest then it is likely that you will overtrain. When you have overtrained you will find that you will feel tired more often, your muscles will feel more sore and that you will not able to build muscle as easily. In order to avoid overtraining it would be wise for you to reduce your workout intensity for a week on a monthly basis that way you will be able to give your muscles a chance to recover.

  1. You’re not going to failure often

In order to maximize your ability to build muscle it is important that you workout with a high intensity in each and every set. Even though you don’t need to be going to failure in each and every set in order to build muscle, you should still be doing it at least in one of the sets. Otherwise you will not be putting the muscles under stress enough for them to be put into a hypertrophic state.

Overall, if you follow the tips above and workout regularly and follow a good diet plan then you will be able to build muscle on a consistent basis. But, it all comes down to you, if you don’t put in a 100% effort to your workout plan then, regardless of how good the workout plan is, you will struggle to put on muscle. On the other hand, following even a bad workout plan with a 100% effort can yield positive results.