Signs You Might Have Sleep Apnea

Snoring is not the same as sleep apnea. It’s commonly thought that the two conditions are identical, but that is far from the truth for Everett veneers patients. Sleep apnea poses a serious danger to those who might not even know they have it. With a doctor’s help, there is hope for those suffering from the issue. The first step in getting sleep apnea under control is recognizing the signs and seeking assistance from a medical professional.

Are You Still Sleepy After A Good Night’s Sleep?

Regular sleep patterns are often affected by this condition. After a good night’s sleep, in most cases a standard eight hours, you should feel awake and refreshed. For some patients, a doctor may warn that medication or underlying causes may affect the level of sleep. If that is not an issue, it might be time to look at the possibility that sleep apnea could be causing the problem.

Do You Feel Sleepy At Certain Times Of The Day?

It could be more than just a busy day causing that mid-day drowsiness. Instead, it could be the effects of sleep apnea causing a lack of energy. Some choose to use energy drinks or try to exercise in hopes of improving energy levels at these times, but the underlying cause could be making things worse. It could also be misdiagnosed as narcolepsy without the proper doctor’s care. Many misconstrue the condition as also being tired from overwork or stress. In none of these cases does sleep apnea appear, when it should be considered just as important. Be sure not to pursue over the counter sleep aids to address this issue instead of a doctor’s care. The lack of proper diagnosis along with medication could make things worse.

Are You Snoring?

It is both a sign and not a sign when someone snores. Confusing? It can be but this symptom is a tricky one when understanding how it plays into the overall diagnosis of sleep apnea. Those people who snore at the level where people can hear it in other rooms often hit the radar first among sleep apnea potential candidates, but it can also be those with mild snoring throughout the night that are at risk. The level of snoring can be recorded by a doctor or someone who researches these types of conditions. At that point, they can help you develop a course of action that works with the selected symptoms as well as any other underlying issues. Much like sleepiness, it is easy for many to just seek help from alternatives like nasal pulling appliances or nose sprays to help, but the answer may be a medically required air-breathing apparatus that controls intake. The devices force air into the lungs and push it out just as quickly. At no point is it required for the patient to do anything and they can go to sleep without changing anything.

Sleep apnea is more than an inconvenience, it can also be a life-threatening condition, Understanding and being on the lookout for the most common symptoms can help prevent a potentially dangerous condition from becoming much worse. It’s the best way to stay healthy and safe when the condition appears.