Services Brought to You by Lake Family Medicine and Imaging

Some services offered by Lake Family Medicine & Imaging include family medicine services, primary care imaging, and diagnostic investigation to people of all ages. The specialist in this facility usually attends to all people wholly irrespective of your occupation, age, or social status. The services are as described below.


Walk-in visits involve those visits made to the facility without booking an appointment. The experts in the facility being led by MD and Raj Kandavanam are always available to offer you the appropriate alternative to emergency care. They can also offer services to patients who have made appointments and walk-in-visits with unexpected injuries and illnesses. Examples of illnesses that are not anticipated include orthopedic injuries, sprains, and fractures. 

Primary health care

The specialists and staff in this facility also offer primary care services to individual patients. Primary care usually entails the following: promotion of health involves the sharing of health messages to the patient by the doctors. Its main aim is to avoid some risk factors that deteriorate the state of health.

The experts in this field also educate people on preventing diseases, including eating healthy foods, hygiene, exercise, and regular checkups if the patient has some underlying conditions. Still, under primary care, physicals and management of health are also major concerns. Diagnosis, treatment, and management of acute and chronic illnesses such as high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and blood pressure are also given to you. This is because they are diseases that have become more common today, and most people worldwide are suffering from them.

Imaging and lab services

This facility has rooms where laboratory and imaging services are carried out. Laboratory tests are carried out to help determine the condition that one might be suffering. Imagining tests are also done to help the doctor view various body organs to conclude which system might be functioning abnormally. The diagnostic investigations are carried out by experienced staff sensitively and carefully, thus eradicating a misdiagnosis. 

For instance, there are times when laboratory investigations are carried out, and a certain organ or system is suspected of having a problem. You may be required to undergo an imaging test to confirm the laboratory results in such a situation.

Pharmacy services

Just like any other health facility, it also has a well-stocked pharmacy. After the doctors have finally come up with a certain diagnosis, they usually prescribe some medication. You are advised to pick your prescription at the pharmacy since most drugs are available.

Pharmacy, imaging, and lab services are offered in rooms within that premises to ensure that they receive the care they need in one visit. Therefore, saving them the time they would spend walking all over town looking for additional prescriptions and testing.

Weight loss services

Weight loss services are usually offered to obese people. The weight experts help you come up with a schedule to help you lose weight. Hence, reducing the amount of cholesterol in the body might predispose you to some heart problems.

Suppose you or your loved one intends to seek the above services visit or contact Lake Family Medicine & Imaging today to book an appointment. Walk-in-visits are also accepted, and most insurance plans are allowed.