Santa Monica LGBTQ Fertility Options

Many LGBTQ couples undergo difficult times trying to get a child. At California Center for Reproductive Health, the facility offers great options for couples who have not been successful in their attempts to get children. For residents living in California, the center provides Santa Monica LGBTQ fertility options for non-traditional families to achieve their dreams of having children. The center offers excellent services with each member of the staff being committed to their clients.

The fertility options available for LGBTQ couples

Both gay and lesbian couples are provided with excellent options at the center. The doctors work closely with the intended fathers and mothers during the entire treatment process.

  •       Options for gay couples and single men

The facility provides great options for gay couples or single men who wish to have kids. The process involves acquiring an egg donor and a woman to act as a gestational surrogate. The treatment involves both traditional surrogacy and the advanced ovulation induction technique. In traditional surrogacy, the gay couple finds a surrogate who is also serving as the egg donor. Pregnancy is often achieved through the insemination of sperm through intrauterine insemination. The donor’s egg can be fertilized using one partner’s sperm or a combination of sperms from both intending fathers. If the egg donor is related to one of the fathers, sperm from the other partner is used to fertilize the egg.

The facility also offers another treatment option where the egg donor and the surrogate are different. The process typically involves coordination from both the parents, gestational surrogate and the egg donor. Eggs can be fertilized using one father’s sperms are a combination of both. The success rates of this method are high though it is more costly than traditional surrogacy.

  •       Options for lesbian couples and single women

Lesbian couples usually only need sperm donation. The women in the relationship undergo a medical evaluation, which involves normalcy of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovulatory function. After the evaluation, artificial insemination is performed with donor sperm. The procedure is simple with minimal risk involved and higher chances of success.

The selected sperm is stored in vials and can be kept until the ideal time when the insemination can be performed. The insemination can occur during your normal menstrual cycle, or the ovulation can be stimulated through injectable ovulation or oral medication such as Clomid.

Other services offered at the center

Apart from the above treatment options for non-traditional families, the reproductive health center also offers the following services.

  •       Egg freezing
  •       Embryo freezing

These are excellent options as they give the couple ample time to prepare for the pregnancy. The embryo transfer is performed at such a time that it is ideal for the intended parents.

Why choose California Center for Reproductive Health?

The facility works with reputable institutions to find the best eggs and sperms from donors with desired qualities such as hair color, eye color, height, and the preferred racial background. The team of staff is dedicated to finding the right treatment option depending on your specific needs.

If you are in an LGBTQ relationship and wish to conceive or have a baby, call the center to book an appointment. You will find an experienced team of board-certified doctors who are prepared to offer you the best options.