Restore your Lost Teeth or Tooth using Crowns and Bridges

Many people across the world are at risk of losing a tooth or teeth. According to the World Dental Federation, about 30% of people are suffering from oral diseases worldwide. Oral diseases may lead to tooth loss in one way or another. However, when you lose a tooth or several teeth, you do not have to worry. Crowns and bridges are a way your dentist can restore your lost teeth using artificial crowns. For a tooth replacement, visit a specialist for dental crowns and bridges in Houston since they have diversity in cosmetic dentistry. Below are the benefits of undergoing crowns and bridges.

Benefits for having crowns and bridges

There are many benefits associated with teeth restoration. These benefits can be classified into two categories which include health benefits and cosmetic benefits. According to research, many people across the globe consider crowns and bridges like a technique for cosmetic purposes only. Some of these benefits include;

  •   Improves your smile. Smiling is an expression of love and happiness. When you are missing some teeth, especially the front ones, your smile can feel disheartening and you may try to hide it. Through crowns and bridges, you can restore your missing teeth, thus improving your smile.
  •   Improves speech. As we all know, teeth play a significant role during speaking. There are some letters and words that require the effect of your teeth to be pronounced as it is required. Crowns and bridges correct and restore your word pronunciation.
  •   Prevents misalignment of teeth. When you lose a tooth or several teeth, gaps are left. The remaining teeth can shift towards the gap resulting in misaligned teeth. After teeth restoration, gaps are entirely sealed by crowns, hence no misalignment of teeth can occur.
  •   Improves diet. It becomes hard for you to chew food when you have some missing teeth. Crowns and bridges correct these effects, thus you can chew and eat hard foods.

Procedures followed during crown and bridges techniques

Crown and bridges are suitable for patients with one, two, or three missing teeth in one jaw. During treatment, your doctor files the front and the back teeth around the gap to make them rough. A bridge is then prepared using artificial crowns. If your gap lacks two teeth, a bridge of two teeth is created. During the making of the bridge, your doctor joins two or three crowns using glue. The two filed teeth are applied with glue, and the crowns are placed in between the gap. The bridge is supported by the front and back natural teeth. These procedures take about one or two hours to complete. After treatment, the restored teeth can last about five to seven-year. If the bridges are taken care of, they can last up to 10 years.

Crowns and bridges are very popular and are done for dental patients with strong jawbones. However, you can feel uncomfortable for a few days after treatment, which can vanish within two or three weeks. Visit The Dental Design Studios center for teeth restorations.