Red Tea Detox By Liz Swann Miller – Complete Red Tea Detox Review

Does This Ancient African Red Smoothie, Help You Lose 15 Pounds in 14 Days? What are Pros And Cons of this eBook Guide, Is Liz Swann reliable Name and All about the Ingredients Used in it!

Every 3 adults in US is having obesity problems, leading depression and hearts attacks. An obese individual looks older than his or her age. Are you one of them? Is obesity sapping your joys which you enjoyed few year back? If yes, you must try something extraordinary like Red Tea Detox by Liz Swann Miller to get slimmer and healthier physique. It’s designed to help shed stubborn pounds of fat, with just a cup of tea. This tea recipe is revolves around African Red Tea that help dispose toxic to lose weight (up to 15 pounds in 14 days) and heightened activity levels and immunity.

The story starts with a twist that, secret of weight loss isn’t in diet pills, starving, strenuous and crazy workouts routines. Rather just few cups of tea and you will see! Keep reading to learn more about this magic…

Red Tea Detox by Liz Swann Miller – Product Overview

Fast Facts About African Recipe in Red Tea Detox eBook Guide

  • Product name = Red Tea Detox
  • purpose =  Weight Loss
  • Product Price –  $37
  • Guarantee –  2 month Unconditional
  • Bonuses –
      • 5 Detox Methods for Celebrities
      • Ultimate Super Food Guide
      • Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis DVD
      • 100 Great Tasting Green Smoothies Recipes For Fat Loss
      • A month of free private consultation by Liz Swann herself.

Pros. and Cons.

Pros of Red Tea Detox Recipe

  • Easy to understand
  • Incredible Results
  • Purify the body
  • Affordable and Easily Available Ingredients:
  • Targets overall health
  • Astounding Weight Loss

Cons of Red Tea Detox By Liz Swann Miller

  • Ask discipline and consistency
  • Results vary from individual

Fast Facts on Special Features

  • This program is based on researches of 500 medical studies and 36 months of real world testing.
  • It is created by Liz Swann Miller, a Best Seller author and professional Naturopath who have served thousands of clients for more than a decade
  • It include a recipe of tea that boosts metabolism, detox body’s internal system and burn fats from stubborn fat cells.
  • It helps to understand the importance and ways to detoxifying your body before starting weight loss, so that your metabolism is not being held back by harmful toxins.
  • It also include the benefits of mind and body. It include a guide to achieve right mindset and good motivating level to get maximum benefits of this program.

Fast Facts on Ingredients Used In This Recipe

  • Red Tea
  • Chia
  • Maca
  • Cocoa
  • Vanilla

Fast Facts about Liz Swann Miller the Author Of Red Tea Detox

  • Liz lives in Mount Carmel, Israel with 2 daughters.
  • She has over 10 years of experience as a practicing Naturopath, specializing in nutrition.
  • She is a nutritionist and have 10 plus years of experience as Naturopath,
  • She has 2 degrees in Phycology and Naturopathy
  • She was overweight in her teens and 20s and to deal with her own weight issue she researched a lot. All this knowledge is now enclosed in Red Tea Detox program

Fast Facts About Product – What is Red Tea Detox Recipe?

Liz Swann Miller’s Red Tea Detox program comes as a PDF eBook which is divided in to 3 parts.

  1. Diet Plan
  2. Workout
  3. Motivational Part

It works on principle of curbing hunger pangs to restrict calorie intake. It also help shrink body’s fat cell that enable users to have lean body. Liz claims that you can lose 14 pounds in 15 days, without going through diet plan, exercises and ingesting harsh supplement.

Along with a red tea recipe it also include diet and exercise plan. Diet plan include 14 day meal plan including delicious yet healthy snacks to combat cravings. While exercise regime help to double fat burning results.

Now Let’s Discuss the Product In detail

Red Tea Detox is an efficient and faster system for those who’re looking for better health by shedding extra fat. It help to lose 15 pounds with tasty and easy to make recipe. Liz Swan Miller is a popular author on Amazon with experience of over 10 years as Naturopath. She developed this tea recipe after study backed by 500 researches. It uses ingredients that are easily available at grocery stores to make Ancient African tea that helped to flush out toxins, increase energy levels as well as boost immunity. More than 12,000 people used Liz’s program and effectively eliminate extra fat in their body.

Ingredients Used in the Recipe

Red Tea Detox is small goodie bag or right combination of ingredients that increases metabolic rate and helps shed extra pounds of fats without rigorous lifestyle changes. You only need to follow organic red tea recipe that include these ingredients.

  • Chia

Chia seed is best of weight loss and jam pack with antioxidants, fiber and omega 3. It boost metabolism and improve overall health.

  • Maca

Maca is another natural detox food with wealth of B and C Vitamins, perfect level of amino acids and zinc. It also helps body to reduce stress and fight cancer.

  • Cocoa

Cocoa’s great range of benefits include increased metabolism, stimulating serotonin a mood regulating hormone in brain which make you consume fewer calories.

  • Vanilla

It’s just to make your tea tasty and easy to drink, a great benefit to keep you motivate through the journey.

Detoxification Process – How the Ingredients in This Program helps in the Process Of Detoxification?

When we moved into scientific details we found what key Detoxification elements makes this program extra effective;

  • Aspalathin

Rich in bioflavonoid, a popular fat cell shedder and stress hormone regulator, Aspalathin increases fat storage and glucose uptake to keep insulin and blood sugar level. Research proves aspalathin limits fat cells production. The direct effect of this antioxidant property of Red Tea is amped energy levels and improve liver health. At the same time it help you getting slimmer

  • Fat Stopper

This restrict calorie intake and encourage feeling of fullness. Its antioxidant feature help soothe inflammation, boost metabolic rate of fat and glucose. It burns more of existing fat, while limit input fat at the same time.

  • Fat Unlocker

It heightens the adrenaline secretion and blood flow in body, to push metabolic rate, digestion process and calorie burning for good. This ingredient improves insulin sensitivity and reduce cholesterol levels.

  • Fat cleanser:

This diuretic element can balance body’s potassium and sodium, crucial to prevent dehydration. It improves liver and kidney function and enhance secretion of digestive enzymes to ease digestion.

  • The hunger-killer

In a form of aromatic spice, this ingredient helps in digestion, breaking down carb effectively and lowering insulin resistance. When metabolic rate is boosted, excess fat storage is blocked and blood sugar is maintained.

All these metabolic enhancers must be mixed in right proportion along with appropriate use of fruits and vegetables as mentioned by Liz Swann Miller in Red Tea Detox pdf eBook.

What You Can Expect in This eGuide

The eBook is divided into 3 parts;

  1. Diet Plan

It highlight the importance of body purification for weight loss. It demonstrate how contaminants in your body stop metabolic process. It also show, how clean system help you mentally and physically. The solid part of this section is a list of energy food to help you to kick start your metabolism and getting slimmer without visiting any doctor and using ingredients that are easily available.

  1. Workout

A list of useful yet simple workouts to eliminate fat faster. The exercises include light exercises that will never push you beyond your capacity and limited time. The tea itself does its wonders, exercise just serves as a catalyst to the process and to secure long term results. As Liz Swann Miller states that ability to burn calories depends not on how long, but how hard you work.

  1. Self-control, Motivation, and Mindset Booklet:

3rd section guide you with common myths of self-discipline and how to remain motivate throughout your weight loss session.

This program is primarily aimed at reducing weight and getting slimmer. Nothing is possible until all your body parts coordinate till end and unless you combine all the 3 section accordingly.

Main Essence of the Whole System

  • It Help You Curb Hunger Pangs

There are situations in our life, when it’s hard to keep track of our body’s weight. Particularly, under stressful conditions, hunger pangs and cravings began ruling our day, effecting our metabolism and adding extra pounds. Ingredients used by Liz Swann Miller tricks your body to feel fuller for longer, reducing hunger pang, cravings and overall calorie intake.

  • It Help you Feel Energetic

The key to lose weight is maintaining healthy body and efficient metabolic rate by burning adipose cells faster, releasing more energy to leave you still energetic and active throughout the day. This program is aimed at this efficiently.

What Benefits to of the Red Tea Detox Program

This eBook guide explain incredible ways to get lots of benefits from drinking Red Tea. Here are some of those perks;

  • Red tea doesn’t have carbohydrates and fats, so have as many cups of it without bothering calories count.
  • It taste slightly sweet and mild, therefore it’s quite pleasant.
  • It is free from oxalic acid, no issues of developing kidney stones like green or black tea.
  • Unlike black and green tea it has low tannin levels
  • It jam packed with antioxidants to deal with oxidative damages.
  • It reduce hunger pangs and craving.
  • This recipe is for all, men and women, old or young, very obese or slightly overweight person.
  • Red tea is high in polyphenols, an anti-inflammatory ingredient.
  • It lower blood pressure and risk of heart problems and hypertension
  • It improve body’s bone health by increasing minerals bioavailability
  • It balances blood sugar and helps fight against diabetes.
  • It’s also good for skin, even it is beneficial to apply it directly to relieve acne, sunburn, pimples and gives healthy glow to skin.

Highlights Of Liz Swann Miller’s Red Tea Detox Program – Pros

  • Easy to understand:Liz explained everything in unambiguous, precise yet detailed manner.
  • Very easy and simple to make: As it is just a tea so it’s easy to make and serve.
  • Incredible Results: This guide helped 1000s of individuals and so far no negative review is reported.
  • Purify the body: Eliminate harmful toxins and indirectly improve your metabolism.
  • Affordable and Easily Available Ingredients: all ingredients in this guide are easily and cheaply available at local grocery stores. No need to swallow harsh pills, expensive supplements and even expensive and seasonal fruits and vegetable. Most of the ingredients are readily available inside your kitchens
  • Targets overall health:It’s not just focused on weight loss or slimmer body, it changes your entire body, make you feel more active and energized.
  • Astounding Weight Loss: As promised by Liz Miller Swann, you will lose 14 pounds in 15 days, i.e. a pound every day, by sipping tea, eating and exercising as normal.

Lowlights of Red Tea Detox by Liz Swann Miller – Program Cons

  • Ask discipline and consistency: To enjoy wonderful results you need to follow disciplined diet consistently. You have to slightly break yourself from old comfortable habits. You need to read all the chapters of the guide and follow them in coordination to get results
  • Results vary from individual:Although it is suitable to everyone, men or women, old or young, slightly overweight or extremely obese people, results may vary from one person to other.

About Author – Who Is Liz Swann Miller

Red Tea Detox Recipe is brainchild of Elizabeth Swann Miller, who followed complicated pregnancy, bedridden for weeks, which forced her out of much beloved active lifestyle, craving for sweet followed, and soon she put in loads of pounds without being able to rid them fast. Fortunately she heard about this miracle ancient red tea detox from African Jungles. She dug more into it and found it’s instrumental in losing weight. She and her husband traveled there, braving immense risks of life. Finally they revealed the secret with help of an African Tribe. Miller and her husband spent over $10,000 and 5 years to gather the ingredients of red tea detox and preparing the final product. She tried it on herself and found remarkable success.

Red Tea Detox

Author Credibility – Is Liz Swann Miller A Trustworthy Name?

She developed Red Tea Detox after going through 500 plus researches. She is popular for specific dishes based on easily available ingredients. This tea recipe is widely known in Ancient Africa and used for many years to rid harmful toxins, boosting immunity level and increasing body’s overall energy and activity level.

Over 12,000 individual used this program and successfully rid extra fat. The program comes with 2 month unconditional warranty which is also a sign of reliability. A month of free private consultation is another proof of Liz confidence and expertise on the system. To supplement her program for more successful and side effect safe, her program is accompanied free bonuses including Effortless Weight loss Hypnosis DVDs, Ultimate Super Food Guide, 5 Detox Methods Of Celebrities and 100 Tasty Green Smoothies For Fat Loss.

Does Red Tea Detox Ancient African Recipe Really Work?

Elizabeth Swann Miller says she used this program on herself and lost whopping forty pounds. On her page she also listed other users’ testimonials, reviews, before and after images, to prove visible results. However I searched other platforms to find some negative comments, but I nearly unsuccessful. It’s definitely not a scam. There’s sound scientific basis and ancient African history for Red Tea. You can also found many similar red tea brands.

However it isn’t just a tea, there are other ingredients that Miller used in this recipe. Although these ingredients aren’t unusual and found normally in our kitchen shelves, they have unusual results. Last but not the least, program claims its ability to limit calorie intake by tricking stomach feel full, which isn’t something out of this planet. Still not convinced, try it for 14 days only to see results, give if more 14 days to confirm, and still you will have a month remaining to claim your money back guarantee.

Fraud and Scam alerts

Success of the Red Tea Detox raise many fake guides in its name. Many individuals lost their money because of those fake sites. So check and research before you buy anything from internet.

Conclusion – with many positive reviews, it deserve a try, at least!

Having great body in this era is hard, unthanks to unhealthy habits and junk food. One way is to have costly health checkups, consultations with doctors, and following harsh diet and workout regime. However in this busy world it is nearly impossible to make time for these. So people start abusing their bodies with unnatural and expensive pills, drugs and supplements that doesn’t guarantee to give results, but certainly gives you negative side effects. Red Tea Detox Recipe is foolproof method to flush toxins, boost metabolic rate and curb hunger pangs to give you healthy weight in just 14 days.