Recovering after a Car Accident: What does it take?

In Arizona alone, reports show that over 100,000 car crashes occurred in 2016 alone. Of these crashes, nearly 1,000 of them were fatal, and more than 50,000 of the crashes led to injuries. If you are one of the tens of thousands affected by a car accident, do not let your voice go unheard or injuries untreated. You have been a part of a traumatic event, so you need the information necessary for your journey on the road to recovery both physically and financially.

The Aftermath of a Car Accident

After being a part of a car accident, you may experience immediate and subtle consequences. Whether or not the aftereffects of a car accident are evident right away, you should make your first priority seeking medical attention. What felt like a slight bump could lead to a concussion, and a small cut may the indicator of something that needs professional medical care. If you want to have a proper recovery, then you will need to go through the proper medical steps.

Physical Recovery

Exercising Your Way to Recovery

A medical professional will be able to assess the extent of your injuries and how to heal from them. Depending on your injuries, medications and casts may be necessary. For some injuries, keeping your muscles in use may help your muscles immensely. The simplest exercises consist of movements that combat muscle stiffness. To recover from stiffness, there are a variety of exercises to try:

  • Lifting weights or semi-heavy objects
  • Leg lifts and arm scissors
  • Yoga

Repetition is the key to these exercises and will stop your muscles from weakening or becoming even more stiff. You must consult with a medical professional before you begin any exercise regime.

More specific injuries will need careful, concentrated movements to increase your range of motion without increasing your recovery time. If a car accident has led to a bone fracture, the recovery exercises must be conducted with care and patience.

  • Arm Fractures: Limiting exercises to simple stretches will ensure that an arm coming out of a cast won’t need it again anytime soon. Bending and moving may be fine, but lifting any weight is a sure-fire way to cause issues. One of the simpler exercises to try out is lifting the recovering arm above your head and bending it slowly.
  • Leg Fractures: Leg exercises involve stretches and holding particular positions to build muscle strength. Lunges, rotations, and planks are simple but effective ways to keep a leg in shape while you are still in recovery.
  • Hip Fractures: Exercises that follow hip fractures involve steady leg movements. Whether you are lying on your back or steadying yourself with an object, exploring your leg’s range of motion will help strengthen the muscles.

These exercises are best done carefully. You must only do these exercises with certified medical supervision. Remember to breathe deeply and not to push yourself too hard, or you may end up worse off than you began.

Financial Recovery

Hospital trips are not cheap, and the bills will stack up quickly if you do not address them. The cost of an ambulance ride, medicine, casts, or even surgeries can have severe effects on your budget, even with insurance. What is worse, after an accident there may be issues that impair your ability to accumulate income and pay for the new bills. After a car crash, it is a good idea to immediately begin looking for compensation to help handle any subsequent costs. A personal injury attorney may be able to provide you the support you need as you pursue this compensation.


Easing the Aftermath of a Car Accident with Professional Support

If you want to build a solid case for compensation, you may need legal help to do it properly. A personal injury lawyer in Pheonix focusing on working with you to strategize how to handle life after a car accident can seriously contribute to your outcome. Compensation that may be owed to you would ensure that you have an easier time recovering physically and financially after a car accident.