Reasons Why You Should Consider a Tooth Extraction

Your permanent teeth are naturally known to serve you for a lifetime. However, you might suffer tooth problems, which may read to tooth decay or damage. A damaged tooth keeps you at risk of getting oral diseases such as gingivitis. Tooth extraction involves the removal of a damaged or diseased tooth from your mouth. Despite tooth decay, there are other reasons that would prompt you to have a tooth extraction. Dr. Kenneth Higgins in Grand Prairie is a specialist dentist who can get you through a tooth extraction process safely. Below are types of tooth extractions you can undergo.

The primary types of tooth extraction

Tooth damage or decay can happen to any person. However, if you involve yourself with sugary foods and you fail to brush your teeth properly, you are at greater risk of having tooth decay. There are two types of tooth extraction which are determined by how your damaged or decayed tooth appears. They include:

  •       Simple extraction. A simple extraction is done to non-severely damaged or decayed teeth. If the enamel of your decayed tooth can be seen on the surface of the gums and it can be grasped using forceps, then you are the right candidate for simple extraction.
  •       Surgical extraction. Severe tooth decay damages your tooth enamel to an extent it is not visible. However, you may suffer tooth-breaking, which may leave the root inside your gum. If you have the mentioned cases, then surgical extraction is an option for you. Moreover, you may undergo surgical tooth extraction even if a small tip of your tooth can be seen on the gum line.

 Before tooth extraction, your doctor will take you through an oral examination to check the severity of the damage. After examination, if you are a qualified candidate for extraction, and local or general anesthesia will be given to bring you comfort. Below are the major reasons for undergoing tooth extraction.

 Reasons you should consider a tooth extraction

There are several reasons that would make you undergo tooth extraction. They include:

  •       Crooked or overcrowded teeth. Overcrowded teeth occur when your teeth are unable to fit their positions in the jaw due to their big size. However, crooked teeth can also occur when you have small teeth that shift to their position, thus overcrowding in one place. Your doctor may extract some teeth from the area so that the rest of the teeth can be aligned using dental braces.
  •       To remove a decayed tooth. A decayed tooth can bring gum infections to the remaining teeth. Extracting the decayed tooth keeps your oral health perfect.
  •       Tooth damage. Tooth decay, accidents, falling, and fights can leave your teeth broken. It is vital to extract the broken tooth so that you can have an implant.

Tooth extraction is performed on those people with teeth problems. This service requires a professional dentist to conduct it. A specialist at IDTC Dental Center LLC is the best in tooth extraction and other dental services. Consult IDTC Dental Center for quality and affordable dental services today.