Reasons to Get Adult Braces

If you live in the suburb of Cedar Park in Austin and need to straighten your teeth, braces are a great option. There are great Cedar Park adult braces specialists who will help you fix your teeth.

Braces are a very common method of teeth straightening. They are mainly placed in children’s mouths during the development of their teeth to ensure they grow properly.

However, you can also get braces as an adult. The following are the best reasons why you should get adult braces:

Crowded Teeth

Your mouth is supposed to have 32 teeth. When some of those teeth do not grow where they are supposed to it can lead to crowding of teeth.

When you have crowded teeth, they overlap each other making it feel as if there is not enough space in your jaw for your teeth. Both teeth are affected when there is crowding.

Crowding of teeth can make it very difficult to clean your teeth since there are spaces you cannot reach. It will adversely affect your oral hygiene.

Adult braces will help you straighten overcrowding teeth so that you can more easily clean your teeth. It also improves your appearance.

Large Spaces Between Teeth

There should be a small space between healthy teeth. When that space becomes too large due to missing teeth or incorrect spacing, it diminishes your oral hygiene.

When you eat, tiny specks of food are lodged between your teeth hence the need to clean them. Large spaces between teeth are harbors for bacteria to feed and reproduce which will soon become an issue.

When food particles stay in these spaces for too long, you build up a lot of plaque and have increased infections. You also increase the chances of developing one of a myriad of gum diseases.


An overbite refers to when your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth. Having an overbite can affect your oral health in several ways.

One of the problems of an overbite is that it increases the damage to your teeth. Since you cannot properly shut your mouth, it can be affected by many environmental factors.

An overbite can also cause chronic pain in your jaw due to the misalignment of the upper and lower jaw. Adult braces can help fix an overbite in time.


An underbite is the opposite of an overbite and is when your lower teeth overlap your upper ones. It can lead to many issues including speech, chewing, and swallowing issues.

An underbite increases the chance of tooth decay since your teeth’s enamel is constantly exposed. It can also lead to contracting gum diseases.

Open Bite

An open bite is a gap between your upper and lower teeth. It is also a form of jaw misalignment that causes your mouth to constantly stay open.

When your mouth is constantly open, many things can enter and ruin your oral health. Bacteria is particularly dangerous in this regard as an open mouth offers perfect fostering grounds.

It will affect your speech and may lead to a lisp. It may also affect your breathing. Adult braces are also a great solution for an open bite.