Hate to walk but love to eat? Sometimes eating habits lead you toward obesity and then bring a lot of other unpleasant health situations. Not digesting your food may lead you to overweight. You need to burn off the calories that you take in or else you will face obesity. Obesity is a disease caused when you walk less and eat more. It is now a very common problem faced by almost every other individual. There is a difference between being healthy and being overweight. When a body receives an extra amount of fat, alcohol, and sugar, then you will probably put on extra weight. Alcohol contains calories in high amounts, so people who take in alcohol regularly are seemly stout. 

People who suffer from obesity usually then consult with bariatric surgeons who help them to improve their physical structure by causing physiologic changes in your body. There are many surgeons out there but the most well-known bariatric surgeon in Sydney known to be Dr.Jason Maani and is considered as the best and experienced surgeon of all times. 

There are some specific reasons why people suffer from obesity and they are as follows:

  •  Crazy about junk foods 

Fast food contains less amount of minerals and vitamins and a greater amount of sugar and fats and many other unhealthy ingredients. People who take in unhealthy calories in the form of junk food are mostly found obese. Undoubtedly, these foods are incredibly delicious and so the people find it irresistible. 


Taking an extra amount of food causes trouble for your metabolism even if it’s healthy food. Your body needs only a certain amount of calories which is increased with overeating of junk food. Now, what’s more, interesting is that some processed foods aren’t really pure foods, they are just engineered products that are produced to make people enamored. Processed foods play a great role in the life of obese people. 


Obesity also occurs due to genetics as genes play a specific role in the contribution to weight gain. This is the reason why some people cannot really lose weight. Children with obese parents have chances to become obese as they grow up. But somehow this is not something predestined. Some people claim that there is no way they can lose weight because it’s in their genes or runs in family but by avoiding numbers of fats, sugar, carbs and doing some physical exercise an individual can definitely lose weight as noticed.


Insulin is used to treat diabetes as a lack of insulin can cause diabetes. It is a hormone that regulates energy storage among other things. It tells fat cells to hold on to fat they already carry. When a cell absorbs too much glucose, the body then converts it into fat which leads to weight gain and causes a high blood sugar level. 


Some people contact with strong cravings for food and addiction usually to junk foods or sweetened dishes. People are addicted to junk food because employees mostly market unhealthy food items as healthy ones. Junk foods can cause addiction but some people lose control over their drinking behavior. Obese people struggle with alcohol addiction as they find it hard to resist. Drinking too many sugary drinks like soft drinks and fruit juice is also a threat to a healthy life. 


Lack of exercise or physical activity is another factor related to obesity. Nowadays people completely rely on cars rather than walking. Having full-time jobs that involve sitting on a desk for at least half of the day. Relaxing and watching tv or using the internet rather than exercising, cause obesity. An individual needs to work-out and do some physical activity in order to lose weight.  

Manage at least 2 hours from your schedule for cycling, walking or play some outdoor games. This helps to burn down the extra calories in the body. 30 minutes of exercise a day can help enough in order to stay healthy. 


Sugar changes the hormones in your body when consuming in an extra amount. This contributes to weight gain. Sugar is added in your body through a variety of foods you take in every day. It is a great source of obesity. Sugar is a carbohydrate which turns into fat in the body and affects insulin resistance. A high amount of sugar causes diabetes and weight gain.


Many medicines cause sudden weight gain. For example, diabetes medication has been linked to modest weight gain. They reduce the number of calories burned or it increases your appetite. Hormone problems can also cause obesity, such as underactive thyroid. 


Some people eat out of boredom or when they are stressed or upset. According to studies, obese and overweight people sleepless and stress more. The reason behind this is when a person is asleep, the hormones that are released during sleep control appetite. 

Lack of sleep makes you eat more of your overall calories at night which leads to weight gain. The hormone leptin suppresses appetite and sleeps deprivation reduced leptin. While on the other hand, the hormone ghrelin goes up when you are sleep deprived, which triggers your hunger feelings. 


Being healthy is good but being a potato couch isn’t. Obesity is caused by overeating of unhealthy products which include junk food, sugar, carbs, and un-necessary calories for your body. Workout and burn off the excess calories through physical exercises and activities. Sugar-sweetened and junk foods stimulate the reward system in the brain. People are misled by the marketing of food producers, children are targeted especially. 

High insulin levels are linked to the development of obesity. Eat more fiber in order to reduce to intake of insulin. Taking in sugar in high amounts is the main cause of obesity.

To control your weight gain you can just control or change your eating habits and workout.