Quality Facial Rejuvenation Procedures for You To Consider

Aging is a compulsory biological process. Despite having several benefits, it comes at a price, including affecting your appearance. Nonetheless, you can restore your good looks with professional intervention. Dr. Travall Croom LAC delivers top-notch acupuncture alongside other modern methods to bring out the best in you. Call their New York City office or use the online booking option today to learn more about how cosmetic acupuncture could restore your look as well as make an appointment.

Causes of Facial Aging

Your regular skincare practice, persistent sun exposure, and individual genetics all have an impact on how swiftly your facial skin ages. Though everyone ages at a different rate, everyone faces similar obstacles.

Your skin produces less collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid as you mature. It loses strength, resilience, and moisture as these levels decline. Besides thinning, the natural layer of fat beneath your skin perishes to gravity, loosening, sliding downward, and gathering in unsightly pockets.

The most significant aspect is ultraviolet (UV) light, responsible for up to 90% of skin aging. UV light harms your skin and induces aging, whether you’re in the sun or using a tanning bed.

How Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Fight Aging?

Dr. Travall devised a remarkable anti-aging therapy that combines three healing modalities: acupuncture, red-light therapy, and microcurrent medication.


Even though acupuncture normally improves circulation and cures your skin, Dr. Travall produces excellent cosmetic outcomes by careful needle placement.

Inserting fine acupuncture needles boosts the skin’s cellular turnover, expediting the process, so that dry, damaged skin on the surface is promptly replaced with new, youthful skin. These needles also stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, guaranteeing that your new skin is stronger and tighter.

Dr. Travall implants needles into certain muscles and connective tissue between your skin and muscles to soothe them. Relaxing specific muscles decreases deep wrinkles created by muscle spasms, such as frown lines.

Acupuncture spots are also used to activate weak muscles. These raise the muscles, increasing the underlying support for the skin and minimizing drooping skin.

Red-Light Therapy

Dr. Travall restores youthful skin with celluma® in red-light therapy by applying low-level light waves after placing acupuncture needles (red light). Light waves stimulate cell functions in your skin and underlying tissues. As a result, the treatment improves blood circulation, the formation of new blood vessels, and collagen and elastin.


Gentle microcurrents use a modest electrical pulse to activate cellular energy, speed cellular repair, and tone muscles beneath the skin. When microcurrents contact muscles, they imitate the impact of workouts and boost protein production.

What Is Facial Cupping?

Dr. Travall uses suction to pull the skin into the cup during facial cupping gently. He pulls the cup over your skin and relieves the suction using a massage-like method. This procedure is repeated in the parts of your face that were a target for treatment.

By improving blood and lymphatic circulation, facial cupping restores your complexion and invigorates your skin. Unlike body cupping, which retains the cups in place and leaves bruise-like marks, facial cupping leaves no marks.

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