PICC Solutions to Help You Deal With Frequent Hospital Visits

Hospital visits and the time spent there can reduce your productivity, which is why you need a PICC line specialist. Such a specialist will save you time, mainly when your doctor uses needle sticks or blood straws whenever you make hospital visits. Avoid the wait and the pain with a PICC line placement in El Paso. With a well-placed PICC line, you will benefit from less pain and the ability to accomplish other pressing issues.

How is a PICC line beneficial for you?

Vascular issues demand a hospital visit every few days, with a clear familiarization of needles and injections. However, PICC line treatment helps avoid this by creating a permanent tube-like object to easily help your doctor reach the larger veins. Your doctor essentially places the tube in the veins closer to your heart to allow subsequent administration of liquid medicines.

Many beneficial procedures exist to help ease the pain of people with vascular issues. PICC line, in particular, helps the patients with regular hospital visits that involve needles. Your doctor reaches the skinny tube inserted and administers any drug. Consequently, the tube also reduces pricks and any other painful sensations associated with the placement of drugs.

I-Vascular Center has the best doctors to help place the object close to your heart. However, with its proximity to blood, you are more at risk of infection. Additionally, you can suffer from blood clots that might impede blood’s movement in essential blood vessels. You will need frequent visits to your doctor who will monitor and make necessary changes to prevent other medical issues.

Why go for PICC line treatment?

PICC line has many advantages compared to its downsides that are often rare. You can collaborate with your doctor for optimum usage of the treatment and prevent adverse issues. PICC treatment assists in the following situations:

  •         During bacteria or fungal issues
  •         When in need of a liquid diet
  •         When having bacterial or fungal infections
  •         When you have prescription drugs that disturb the veins, especially in the arms

A PICC line also comes in handy for your doctor when drawing blood for other conditions unrelated to your heart. Additionally, the placement can help during blood transfusions and in the administration of contrast material.

How does PICC work to make the doctor’s work easier?

Firstly, the procedure to place a PICC line takes less than an hour. However, you will need to present yourself at the center since it is an in-office procedure. You will switch into a gown and lie on a special table for examination. Your doctor will not put you to sleep, but anesthesia will help calm you during the entire procedure.

Your doctor will sanitize your arm and use an x-ray to place a catheter into the central vein. The catheter remains firmly in place with the help of a tape to prevent interference from your daily activities.

What To Expect After PICC Line Treatment

Once the catheter is in place, your doctor gives you instructions to help prevent infections or blood clots in the regin.

Reduce the pain associated with drug administration or the wait times with a PICC line in place. Talk to your doctor at I-Vascular Center to learn more PICC therapy.