Trillion Nutrition: Personalized Nutrition For Everybody – A Review

Each one of us has different needs regarding nutrition. Trillion Nutrition understands this and believes that every individual has unique nutritional needs.

The newest and most exciting personalized nutrition company in the United States, Trillion Nutrition, has launched on Dec.. 15, 2020. But how well do you know Trillion Nutrition?

Well, as far as we know, Trillion Nutrition is spending quite a large sum of money (that’s multi-million dollars, by the way) for research & development (R&D).  

The effort is to make personalized functional foods & beverages for those who want to have proper nutrition. Let’s have a short review on Trillion Nutrition’s famed custom-made food.

What are personalized functional food & beverages? 

Personalized functional foods are custom-made healthy foods and beverages that are fortified with functional ingredients that provide more nutrition than just fat, carbs, and protein. A simple example of a fortified food is bread that has iron added to it. Trillion fortifies with much more sophisticated boosts though- like boosts for immune system health, skin health, gut health, and much more. Is Trillion on the right path?

Probably, yes! Personalization is taking the world by storm, and functional foods are the hottest category in food right now. And we read a lot about Trillion’s products where the responses of the public are quite inspiring!

Trillion specializes in formulating healthy foods, like personalized collagen drink powder, protein powder, meal replacement shakes, snack granolas, and breakfast cereals.

These products are custom formulated according to customer specifications, unlike other food products in the market.

How Trillion Nutrition makes personal formulation?

In this age of the Internet and social media, do they have the time to create formulas that suit everyone’s taste? Why not!

You see, Trillion Nutrition works with a virtual nutrition specialist to create a unique blend of concoctions ideally formulated for their customers. 

Each formula is algorithmically created depending on a client’s dietary restrictions, health and wellness aims, body type, preferred flavor, and other issues.

What more can we say about Trillion Nutrition?

The list is quite impressive, although there are some issues about their products (which we find not to cause an alarm!), know them here:


  • The ingredients are source using Fair Trade practices when possible.
  • Each ingredient is checked for quality and cleanliness.
  • Trillion uses Organic and Non-GMO ingredients when possible.
  • Each formula is completely unique.
  • There’s a money-back-guarantee on every order.
  • The collagen drink has 15 functional boosts.
  • It comes with unflavored collagen & 25 flavors to add.
  • There are a trillion ways to formulate your own healthy food.
  • The unique formulation is based on the outcome of the short quiz.
  • The product is shipped within 24 hours after your approval.


  • Can’t buy it at a store as every order is custom-made.


So, you may wonder how Trillion Nutrition formulates unique food and beverages. 

Ordering your personalized collagen powder is easy. Everything starts with a 4-step quiz which takes about 5 minutes to complete.

The money-back guarantee makes it even more enticing to try personalized collagen powder; after all, you have nothing to lose. Furthermore, it’s free and fun to see what’s in your custom blend.

Overall, the Trillion Nutrition innovative products are the first to custom blend different kinds of collagen and different functional boosts just for you. We highly recommend this product if you want healthy bones, muscles, joints, and skin!