Perks of Getting Reconstructive Dental Implants

After losing teeth from an accident or tooth decay, you might lose self-confidence. This should not be the case, as you can replace the lost teeth through reconstructive dental implants. It could help if you found experts in cosmetic, family and general dentistry in Midtown Manhattan who will administer the surgery.  Your reconstructive dentists should be certified and skilled in reconstructive implants for better results. You could ask for recommendations from family and friends and look for patient reviews online as patients tend to give an honest review of their experience.

Are dental implants suitable for you?

Most adults could be candidates for reconstructive dental implants, but the procedure might not be best for young children who do not yet have their permanent teeth. However, you should be of overall good health to get reconstructive dental implants, and your gum and jaw tissues should be healthy. The procedure could be ideal if you are missing a tooth already, although you can perform it by removing an undesired tooth which will then be replaced by the implant. You might not be the ideal patient for a reconstructive implant if you have chronic diseases like autoimmune disorders that could make dental implantation risky for your health. Heavy smoking might impact the healing of the gum tissues after the surgery, which makes smokers poor candidates for reconstructive dental implants.

Perks That Make Reconstructive Dental Implants Ideal for You

  •       Better convenience

You might know the inconvenience of ill-fitting dentures that could pop out when you least expect it. The implants are a better option, as you do not have to worry about an ill fit or the extra effort needed for cleaning the dentures. Implants are a permanent, durable solution, unlike crowns and bridges that might need frequent replacement as they get worn-out over time.

  •       It restores facial support

Lost teeth could undermine facial tissue support, making your skin sag. This could add age to your face. You can restore your facial features by replacing the lost teeth through reconstructive dental implants. Because the implants will eventually fuse with the jaw, keeping the implant permanently in place, and it could lower the risk of additional dental issues in future.

  •       They improve comfort

The implants will feel and look like your real teeth, and it reduces the impediments to speech that results from teeth gaps and dentures. It does not have the feeling of being ‘broken in’ like the dentures that cause discomfort and need time to adjust to the feeling.

  •       They are durable

If you take care of the teeth implants properly, they will last for a long time, and it is an excellent investment for your dental health. You should brush them regularly like your normal teeth. Moreover, it could help if you attended regular check-ups, which makes it easier for your dentists to note any irregularities and make the needed adjustments which improve the longevity of the implants.

The Bottom Line

Reconstructive dental implants are a better and permanent solution for your teeth loss. It can help you restore your facial features by correcting the sag in the skin that results from the loss of teeth and gum integrity. The perks of the reconstructive dental implants are that they are more comfortable than dentures that could fall when you least expect. They are also durable compared to the crowns and bridges that could need frequent replacement. It is a better option for replacing lost teeth as the dental implants look like your normal teeth.