Outback Vision Protocol Review- Stop Vision Loss & Reverse It Naturally?

Outback Vision Protocol by Bill Campbell is Zeqaxanthin and Lutein online system which claims to help individuals fight their vision loss and reverse such problems by just adding some secret smoothies in their everyday diets. If you believe that it will really end to vision loss and give back 20/20 eye vision, I suggest you to buy this product only after reading this true, honest, unbiased and well-researched review on Outback Vision Protocol.

In this review, I have researched well across online forums, customer testimonials and other reviews on Outback Vision Protocol, to show you the ingredient in Bill Campbell’s guide, how it is helpful or not and what are its side effects and benefits. Moreover, I will also investigate the credibility of the creator of this product, Bill Campbell. In conclusion, I will find if there’s any connection between guide and claims from studies given on its official website. I will also try to reply following questions;

  • Is the Outback Vision Protocol really helpful to restore vision through drinking smoothies?
  • Is it another scam?
  • Do it really treat macular degeneration conditions and other eye problems?
  • Has anybody tried these smoothies and observed any improvements?

Claims By Bill Campbell

The claims Bill Campbell mentioned on the website were shocking. He said his wife experienced;

  1. Little improvement after the 5th day of use. 1
  2. She started to read Letter “E” on the testing chart on the 9th day
  3. She started to read the second row on 14th
  4. She manages to read middle letters on the testing chart on the 17th day
  5. And her vision became 20/20 on 21st

Indeed, unbelievable claims, and created some more questions in my mind;

  1. Where Lindsay there on the website or in official presentation video?
  2. Is there any need of some evidence that she really recovered the vision?
  3. Isn’t there any need of at least an eye testing certificate signed by a certified ophthalmologist or optometrist?

So I started researching on blogs, reviews sites, online forums, customer testimonials and now I am sharing my views with you!

Let’s start with the Author and Developer – Who is Bill Campbell

Bill Campbell is 52-year-old retired sergeant in the Marine Corps in the USA. Bill says that he discovered this “holy grail for vision loss” during his mission to hunt asylum seekers, human traffickers and drugs smugglers in Australia. During his mission, he found an aboriginal solder Bunji, who gave him these ingredients and recipes to make smoothies for Lindsay. Then, Bill himself conducted a research to remodel all such Australian recipes including Warringal Spinach as well as other ingredients to the common ones that are easily available in grocery stores.

Major Studies Done By NEI

Zeaxanthin, Lutein Researches

The primary study referred by Bill Campbell is conducted by the National Eye Institute. Actually, there were 2 studies done by the National Eye Institute.

In the first study that also referred on the website was conducted by NEI in the year 2001. Its name was AREDSI. This was to discover further about risks of age-related cataract and macular degeneration. Moreover, this research showed that progressive cataract isn’t stopped by increasing zinc, beta-carotene, vitamin A and C to our daily diet. However same research showed that a higher level of antioxidants and zinc reduces risks of advanced age-related vision loss and macular degeneration. However, this research claimed that it’s only able to reduce risks of developing vision loss or macular degeneration, rather than reversing them.

Outback Vision Protocol

Second research was done in 2013, known as AREDS 2. It was done by National Eye Institute to see if adding omega 3 fatty acid to 2 antioxidants from the same family, will be a useful good alternative to beta-carotene. 2 antioxidants were lutein and zeaxanthin. Results established that both are suitable alternatives for the beta-carotene. Adding omega-3 fatty acid didn’t affect anything as cataract was yet progressing.

The Study of Elderly Finish People

Another research that Bill Campbell claims to help him for making this protocol trying to prove that higher quantity of zeaxanthin and plasma lutein are linked to low risks of nuclear cataract development. This study is referring to the elderly Finish population. This study was published in the British Journal of Nutrition. It showed that in around 113 cataract cases, individuals with the highest amount of zeaxanthin and plasma lutein had 41 to 41 percent lesser risk of developing a cataract. This research is based on Cox proportional hazard technique and it says that even if they had higher plasma concentration of both antioxidants, not a single person with cataract actually reversed vision loss.

Other Studies.

Other studies mentioned by Bill Campbell, are ones from Kentucky and Florida Universities. However, this study was just an article on the internet referring to AREDS and AREDS2 studies.

Overall these findings were able to prove that zeaxanthin and lutein may have some positive effects on age-related macular degeneration, however not a cataract. Moreover, all these researches can prove that diets that are high in 2 antioxidant can end AMD from progressing.

Our bodies are not able to produce these antioxidants naturally. Individuals can get them by getting vegetables and/or supplements. Be careful, replacing healthy diets with supplements doesn’t mean you are consuming in a healthier way.

What comes in the package?

It contains 4 different guides, 2 are main and the other 2 are bonuses

Quick Start Guide

Here, you will see general introductory information on vision loss and ways to protect your eyes in your life. You will also learn about free radicals as well as a list of native foods which were gifted to Bill Campbell by Bunji in order to help Lindsay. In the end, there are some useful foods that can help you to protect your eyes live.

Main 21 Protocol

In this guide, you will have precise instructions for 3 weeks or 21 days. Bill Campbell explain in step by step manner, what, when, how and where to drink smoothies provided in this guide.  

The bonuses Products are;

Eye Testing Kit for Home

It contains different diagrams and charts required to make an elementary eye test at your home.

Binaural Beat Audio Test

This guide contains some audios of binaural beats. Bill Campbell claims they are good to improve vision.

Pro And Cons of Outback Vision Protocol


  • From a potential customer viewpoint the main pros of this product are;
  • Fastest delivery because it’s a digital product.
  • The remedies are based on simple smoothies so they are easy to drink and prepare.
  • All natural and readily available products so no risks, doubts and problems.
  • Can help you with future vision problems


  • Consumption of the high quantity of ingredients in this protocol may not be fine.

I think taking meals in form of juice may trigger over ingestion of nutrients. Such excess of nutrients may not be good for the body. For instance those prone to kidney stones, too much quantity of spinach is risky. It’s better to visit a doctor before any action.

Final Words and My Advice

I found that this product is useful but not that good as it claims. It can help you learn more about vision loss and the ways to combat it naturally. It cannot be said that it’s a complete scam or useless product, but it will still be recommended to see an ophthalmologist or optometrist as they’re the right people who can better advise you. Even if the program is completely safe and natural, you shouldn’t use it before talking to your doctor.

If you are after some magical solution, don’t spare your energy to read or eat healthier by following the bit by bit instructions in this guide, leave it, this isn’t for you. It cannot reverse your vision loss, yet it can help you to have healthier vision.

If you need a cheaper alternative to recover the health of your eyes or you have tried and tested all other options, they Outback Vision Protocol by Bill Campbell is a fine option. At least it deserves a try. To conclude this review, which is only my personal viewpoint based on customer testimonials, market feedback, the link of this guide with previous studies and other’s reviews on Outback Vision Protocol, I found that this product contains some useful and interesting information and it’s worth a buy.