Drew Canole’s Organifi Green Juice Reviews – Is it a Scam?

Overview of Organifi Green Juice 

Healthy lifestyle need a positive mindset, healthy digestion, restful sleeps, and overall good energy all the time. But, is this possible in today’s hectic and busy lifestyle? Organifi Green Juice

NO! Especially for those busy people who don’t have enough time and resources to have regular meals and daily exercise. If you really want improved health, lifestyle and feel better, Organifi Green Juice can make it possible, without trouble shopping, juicing, blending, cleaning and washing the stuff.

What is Organifi?

Organifi is superfoods-based green drinks in the form of dried powder, by Drew Canole, owner of famous health site FitLife.tv. As name suggest it has 100 percent organic ingredients like morinaga oleifera and ashwagandha that have been proved to provide anxiety relief and cognitive benefits. It is 10 g/serving. Indeed it’s free from any unnatural component, still it contains unique and profound healthy ingredients.

But, Drew Canole, makes lots of other claims, like it balances hormones, improve immune function, revitalizes, brain power, energy, xeneoestrogens, eliminating toxins, prevent ageing and improves nutrition absorption. So without further ado, let’s find out if all his true or not.

About Drew Canole – The Innovative Mind Behind this Super Juice

After experiencing radical transformation in his own body, Drew dedicated his time for helping millions of individuals across the globe to lose weight and achieve optimal health benefits, by the power of juicing some super foods including vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and the like.

Do you like to be next? See Drew Canole at his Blog, www.Fitlife.Tv. He has thousands of subscriber from 100s of nations across the globe, be there in the list!

The best thing about the Organifi and other products by Drew Canole is that they are absolutely easier, faster as well as delicious!

Organifi Green Juice’s Ingredients:

Ingredients in Organifi are divided into 3 groups

  1. Alkaline Greens Proprietary Blend
  2. Super Food Proprietary Blend
  3. Additional Ingredients
  4. Alkaline Greens Proprietary Blend that includes
  • Wheatgrass
  • Moringa oleifera (aka horseradish tree leaf)
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Matcha green tea
  1. Super Food Proprietary Blend
  • Coconut water powder
  • Ashwagandha root extract
  • Red beet root
  • Turmeric
  1. Additional ingredients include
  • Prebiotic fiber
  • Lemon and Orange
  • Mint
  • Monkfruit

Organifi isn’t a joke, it’s a miraculous drink made from;

  1. Moringa or organic Horseradish Tree is rich in amino acids that protein building blocks.
  2. Mint is green leafy plant or herb that serves as medicinal plant. Traditionally it is used as flavor. It helps aids in indigestion, reduce cramps in body and clean teeth. Mint also help to reduce insomnia.
  3. Chlorella is a green alga full of healthy polyunsaturated fat and high in proteins for your body.
  4. Spirulina is a green plant famous for strength and energy it provides. It’s is a rich source calcium, iron and, proteins
  5. Beets are red fruits that aren’t favored by most people because of its texture and taste, however it’s rich in manganese and folate.
  6. Wheat grass is a natural healer and act as blood builder because it’s rich in Chlorophyll. Its juice contains all necessary nutrients needed by a body.
  7. Ashwagandha works as adaptogen, a type of natural herbal element which helps body to adapt with stress and changing environment through exerting normalizing effect.
  8. Turmeric is an orange powdered antioxidant which is beneficial for skin and health. This spice also adds color and flavor
  9. Matcha Green Tea is well known drink used in Monasteries in Japan. It helps to regulate hormones, reduce stress and appetite leading in weight loss.
  10. Lemon has appetite-combating effect to help weight loss and it also stabilize blood sugar.
  11. Coconut water is rich in potassium and maintains bones strength. This natural refreshing drink helps transport nutrients across the body through blood streams.

There isn’t any indication of quantity of each ingredient except Super Food Blend that is 1.45 g and alkaline green Blend that weigh 5.1 g. So if you like to know, there is sufficient ashwagandha to reach amount (for cognitive benefits) shown to be effective in clinical trial. Ashwagandha is around 400 mg and it is second ingredient 1.45 g of Super Food Blend. Therefore it can be said, overall Organifi does provide effective dose. It also contain enough dose of antioxidants. However it cannot be used as source of minerals and vitamins. The only mineral that can be expected are iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium may be, but they aren’t mentioned on pack or may be not in enough quantity.

Single scoop of it contains 2 g of protein, 25 calories, 5 g of carbohydrates in which 1 g is sugar and 4 g is fiber, and simply no fat at all. Therefore altogether this super green drink gives 9 to 10 g of organic superfood.

Organifi Green Juice

Health Benefits of Organifi Green Juice:

Drew Canole claims Organifi, makes you feel younger, get good health, boost brain power, balances hormones and supercharge you in only 30 seconds. Beside it does offers following health benefits;

I love how the creator avoid hyperbole, for instance other say they super charge your hormone, in contrast Organifi statement is that is balances it, or they say it detoxifies your skin, instead of saying it supports flushing out them.

Helps Improve Immune system

It boosts body’s stamina to keep you going throughout the day and improve immune system to fight against potential sicknesses.

It Rejuvenates skin and revitalizes body parts

It revitalizes body parts, from nails to hair to skin and keeps you young, beautiful and healthy.

Helps Reduce Stress

It balances your hormones and helps to reduce stress level.

Helps Detoxify Your body

When chemicals and toxins are accumulated in body, fat is burned easily, adding pounds every day, Organifi flushes toxins and eliminates fats stored inside your body

Organifi Green Juice Gives you Mental Clarity

Help you to have concentration and focus for job or study.

Organifi is Gluten-free

It’s 100 percent natural formula with organic ingredients, completely free from gluten, soy and other artificial ingredients.

Saves Time and Health At the same time

This juice contains every nutrient in a super food to eliminate the toxins and fat that has been stored in the body for a long time. This ultimately improves your overall health. This super juice have every nutrient for your body, you don’t need to go shopping, hunt shop to shop, blend, juice and clean your kitchen ware to get 1 glass of drink. Its get ready in few second and voila.

Organifi Green Juice

How Organifi Green Juice Tastes?

It tastes pretty cool, with pleasant minty taste and coconut centric branding. It tastes good and mixes virtually well with anything. Although it is expected to taste something like tropical and smooth, but in reviews I found people resembled it with mint green tea.

Organifi Green Juice is popular because of health benefits. It is the best way to sneak in nutrients without slacking on salad. However remember juicing does strip dietary fiber. Therefore, whole foods are yet optimal way of getting fiber. The key is to control calories and juicing at right time.

The Good About Organifi Green Juice

  • 100 percent certified organic
  • 100 percent Risk free to try, no side effect at all
  • Contains Moringa, Ashwagandha and Trumeric
  • It tastes Cool with its strong minty flavor
  • Affordable if purchased in bulk
  • 100 percent money back guarantee within 30 days of use

The Bad About Organifi Green Juice

  • Lack Enzymes and probiotics
  • Little expensive if you buy single jar
  • It’s juice, so be careful and take it in right quantity, right time of the day, and for specific period of time.
  • Not available as over the counter product
  • Little information about minerals and vitamin, may be they aren’t under the hood
  • Little information about the amount of ingredients

Final Words:

It’s common to find various products that claim best overall health and wellbeing, however to find something that really suites you is the hardest nut to crack. As asked by the past customers and reading their testimonies it was found that Organifi Green Juice is pretty well and affordable product for everyone.

Not every organic powder is as good as Organifi, though every one of them promises being organic and best. As a rich source of iron, ashwagandha, sprirulina, wheat grass, Moringa, Chlorella, coconut water, Red beet, turmeric and other organic and healthy ingredients, Organifi Green Juice by Drew really keeps up its promises.

I like Organifi Green Juice even though it is a one-dimensional product that only contains the superfoods and leaves out probiotics and digestive enzymes. I can look past this because we love the Ayurvedic herbs they include like Ashwagandha, Moringa and Turmeric.

Although Organifi Green Juice is one-dimensional product, it contains ingredients to work well. It leaves out digestive enzymes and probiotics. But if you remember the famous Ayurvedic Herbs they include Turmeric, Moringa and Ashwagandah. Its taste wonderful, and it goes a long way as many green drinks taste horrible. It is slightly overpriced if you buy single jar, however if you like it they offer multi-unit packs at discounted price.

Check your doctors for potential risks linked with using dietary supplements which could affect your personal health situations especially if you are allergic to certain things. Results of all the products may vary from one person to the others. All the information provided in this Organifi Green Juice Review are for educational purpose. Wisdom is to take things in moderation, no matter how much organic they are and how well they are free from side effects. Although I am sure that you will not regret at all investing in Organifi Green Juice, you are on the driving seat and it is all your hard earned income, be smart and pick smartly.

Rating Out of 5

Ingredients: 4

Taste: 4.5

Effectiveness: 3.5

Price: 2.5