Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery in Pennsylvania

Sight is an essential sense that most people rely on while carrying out daily activities. Once in a while, you should visit an ophthalmologist to determine how healthy your eyes are and prevent possible conditions as soon as possible. Suburban Eye Associates houses a team of board-certified ophthalmologists and eye surgeons serving Pennsylvania at Jenkintown, Philadelphia, and Huntingdon Valley. For a Jenkintown multifocal implant, consider visiting Suburban Eye Associates for advanced care and technology.

About Suburban Eye Associates

Suburban Eye Associates is a dynamic ophthalmic practice serving the metro Philadelphia and Delaware Valley at the offices in Jenkintown, Huntington Valley, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The practice houses a team of skilled ophthalmologists delivering compassionate eye care to first time and subsequent visitors.

Suburban Eye Associates is a multi-specialty ophthalmic practice with fellowship-trained physicians in major ophthalmic fields. The physicians offer comprehensive and integrated ophthalmic care for glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, detached retinas, macular degeneration, and dry eyes through a combination of new technology and comprehensive care for all.

Suburban Eye Associates has achieved many milestones since its inception and still maintains an outstanding track record. The practice is the first and only one using the 500-Hz excimer laser for LASIK surgery. It is also the first practice to use collagen cross-linking to treat keratoconus, the wave light excimer laser technology, and INTACS for vision correction.

All offices of Suburban Eye Centers are equipped with the latest imaging modalities like SPECTRALIS® by Heidelberg Engineering and ultra-widefield (UWF™) retinal imaging by Optos to treat retinal diseases. Suburban Eye Associates offers highly compassionate and personalized care for all patients in a highly comfortable and friendly setting.

The team at Suburban Eye Associates specializes in pediatric ophthalmology, ensuring that your child’s vision is in good hands. The practice is well equipped to handle complex pediatric eye diseases and offers functional testing like VEP and ERG for remarkable benefits when caring for children suffering from eye disease.

The team at Suburban Eye Associates aims to treat each patient like family and considers all complaints. Each professional considers it an honor and privilege to care for patients and is deeply aware of their trust in them by patients and family members.

Services Offered at Suburban Eye Centers

The practice houses a team of specialists in:

  •   Macular degeneration
  •   Glaucoma
  •   Diabetic eye disease
  •   Pediatric eye disease
  •   Dry eyes
  •   Specialty contact lenses
  •   Headaches
  •   Floaters
  •   Cataract surgery
  •   LASIK surgery and procedures
  •   Implantable collamer lens (ICL)
  •   Pediatric eye care
  •   Cosmetic procedure
  •   Cornea
  •   Cosmetic eye care
  •   Multifocal implant
  •   Retinal detachment surgery
  •   Teary eyes
  •   Uveitis
  •   Laser vision correction
  •   Keratoconus treatments (INTACS)

Your treatment plan is highly customized to account for your symptoms and specific needs. 

Bottom Line

Use the online booking system to book an appointment or call Suburban Eye Associates to book an appointment today. The practice looks forward to getting familiar with your entire family and providing for all your eye and vision needs by a certified caregiver.