Old School New Body F4X Review – Scam by Steve & Becky Holman ?

oldEveryone believes in less work greater results and so is true for weight loss and body fitness. This happens when we focus on 80% on weight loss food and 20% on most important exercises. You will have more comfort and confidence and feel youth inside you. The simple and scientific approach to weight loss is based on no difficult exercises and no difficult meal schedules, just absolute essentials that can be done to get better results.

The fitness guide by Steve Holman and Becky Holman is not merely a fat or weight loss guide; its different approach is about being and living healthier. With weight loss, it also covers anti-aging, looking and feeling younger and this mindset helps to stick with it till you get the results.

What will You Get in This Program?

You can start implementing instructions within 30 minutes of reading. In fact, you only need to read Chapter 2 i.e. “The F4X Lean Workout – 20 Min. Belly fat Blowtorch”. It explains science behind the F4X System, and after this, it immediately explains the first phase i.e. F4X Lean Exercises that are especially created for beginners or those who are back again to gym after long break. The 4 exercises are as follows;

  1. Squatting
  2. Inclined or flat bench presses
  3. Bent over the rows
  4. Dumbbell upright rows

It suggests not to do full F4X lean exercise. Instead begin with short and easy “cut down” version of F4X Lean to avoid overwork and feel the success of completing the workout to remain motivated.

Methods of Exercise in F4X

Start with 2 sets of each workout for first two weeks and then start 3 sets of each in week 2 and 4. Ultimately in week five, start all 4 sets. This gradual ‘break’ method will make it easier for both mind and body to complete full workout. Keeping exercises at minimum will help you do these exercises within 30 minutes and it requires only 3 times a week which equals to JUST 90 minutes a week altogether.

Steve Holman and Becky Holman Review

Steve, who is the editor in chief at Iron Man Magazine and has over 25 years of experience in fitness, teamed up with John Rowley to dedicate this eBook for people who are over 35 years and want to be in shape. It is no insane diet fads and workouts, instead it relies on techniques and knowledge found handwritten in an old school by a deceased Hollywood fitness expert. Steve personally tested them on his own body and got dramatic results in less time. Finally, he compiled that information and his own 25 years experience into a short and easy eBook that can be implemented in 30 minutes.

Cons of F4X – Old School New Body Review

    • It lacks workout video tutorials and explains the exercises using only pictures and illustrations. However, pictures and illustrations are clear enough but I think videos are only avoided to keep the program cost effective so that it can be accessed by as many people as possible.
    • The eBook lacks the explanation of what one should eat between workouts until you reach Chapter 9. It focuses more on top important 4 Exercises, but you get exact meal plan that all 3 of authors used personally, so that is the best way to start.


Pros in F4X Review

        • Steve doesn’t explicate all F4X workouts at once. Instead he explains first one and discusses the motivation factors and how to avoid joint pain in workouts and then he discusses the next phases making it simpler to understand and follow in stepwise manner.
        • Workouts are not arranged randomly; they follow a particular sequence to ensure most muscle growth, fat burning, and anti-aging advantages with minimum efforts. It induces the most important hormones to give all these advantages.
        • All the exercises can be done at home, so there is no need to spend time for going to gym and money to buy expensive tools and machines.

Is it Old School New Body Scam?

Reviewing Old School New Body F4X I found it as the most effective, safe and powerful weight loss program for people who are at or above 35 years. There are no side effects and it comes with 100% money back guarantee which is yet another point to say that Old School New Body F4X by Steve, Becky and John Rowley is not a scam and it is worth trying.

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