The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies Review – Scam by Dr. Nicole Apelian?

Today, we are more inclined to use allopathic medicines. When we look at our earlier times, those people also fell ill, but they had allopathic medicines at that time. Yet they healed themselves. Now, we can’t imagine any treatment without modern medicine, but those people healed themselves with no such medicine.

What did they do for healing?

A simple answer is “Herbal Remedies.”

Dr. Nicole Apelian has tried to revive those remedies in her book “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.”

This book is all about the magical power of plants to heal all types of diseases, along with many preventive measures.

The book covers almost all worst medical conditions like autoimmune diseases, cardiac disease, diabetes mellitus, and other conditions that require lifelong medication, and those, when treated with conventional medicine, will lead to a long chain of never-ending side effects and cause other medical conditions.

The basic idea of the author, Dr. Nicole Apelian, is to boost immunity using herbal medicine. She is convinced with the fact that all the conventional treatment methods just aid the white blood cells – our inner doctor to combat all germs and toxins. Over time, these white blood cells get weaker and become more dependent on external resources to fight diseases. Thus, modern medicine is NOT truly helping you to cure your diseases. Instead, it is doing something worse to your immunity. A doctor knows about your disease, but you know your body well.

About Dr. Nicole Apelian

Dr. Nicole Apelian was once herself a patient of a deadly medical condition called multiple sclerosis. After being severely affected by this disease and being on lots of allopathic medications, she decided to take the matter into her own hands. Thus, she started conducting extensive research on her condition and how to heal it with the help of nature.

Result of Her Research

She was successful in her research work and was able to alleviate the symptoms of her deadly disease, all by herself, with the help of plants. In the journey of this book, she has put 20 years of her life to find more about the healing power of plants that we have almost forgotten. Thanks to her that she compiled those herbal remedies into her book, namely “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.”

Why does Dr. Nicole Apelian qualify to write this book?

Dr. Nicole Apelian is a woman with high qualification degrees, many accolades, and international recognition.

  • She did her undergraduate degree from Mcgill University.
  • She completed her Masters from the University of Oregon.
  • She did her Ph.D. from Prescott College, Arizona.
  • She appeared on History Channel’s TV show “Alone” in 2015, where she was selected to survive 57 days in a wild forest all by herself, just with a knife and plants she found there. Also, she had no medicine with her.
  • The book is backed up by 60-day money-back guarantee.

We can see that she dedicated her life to serving the humanity through her comprehensively researched and written book “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.”

A Multi-Talented Woman

She is a scientist, an author, an herbalist, an actor, an educator, a researcher, an anthropologist, a survival skills consultant, a successful entrepreneur, and a highly sought-out public speaker.

She is a mother of two beautiful kids, and she loves to raise them up while she also helps them to see how beautiful and healing our nature is.

What’s in the book?

This book is comprised of 318 pages and covers almost all diseases and their treatments using herbal remedies. The book is so enriched with content that the Table of Contents is 20-page long. The book carries information about medicinal plants, diseases, and afflictions, and I well-organized that the readers can easily search by their specific needs.

This book also has photographs and easy-to-follow information. She has described complete remedies on how to prepare herbal medicine at home all by yourself.

All the autoimmune diseases that require long-term immune suppression therapy can be managed effectively without causing harm to the immune system using this book. Also, the opiates which have been used for their analgesic properties despite their harmful brain suppressing effects can be easily replaced by some very commonly found plants.


  • It is a comprehensive book to manage various diseases by using simple and safe remedies.
    She gave 20 years of her life studying plants, and all the information she provided in this book is backed by authentic research.
  • The traditional allopathic medicine costs a lot. For a patient, it becomes very difficult to pay for additional expenses of lifelong medications, especially for average earners. The treatments in this book are almost free or cost a negligible amount of money. Thus, these remedies are great for people who are on lifelong prescriptions.
  • A drug given for a certain disease may harm other organs. The immunosuppressant used for treating the autoimmune condition will lead to different infections, and the risk of certain cancers as well. However, there are no major side effects of the remedies suggested by Dr. Nicole Apelian if used with precautions.
  • She also focuses on strengthening the willpower of the patient as she says the doctor is not in your skin. It is you who have to fight for yourself. The psychological wellbeing helps patient to combat disease easily.


  • Allopathic medicine has its own advantages. It first targets the symptoms to make the patient feel less sick.
  • Using herbal medicine only can be good, but this requires a lot of patience. As the author focuses more on the root cause of disease, sometimes, despite taking medicine, the patient will not feel any difference for some time. To completely eradicate the cause, time and patience are required. The patient who is already distressed because of his health might find waiting for results challenging.
  • Though Dr. Nicole did a great job, some plants may contain toxins; if they are used in excess, they might be harmful, i.e., if the patient uses more than required ingredients to prepare his/her herbal medicine, results may not be that good.
  • The author has provided pictures and easy to follow identification steps of the medicinal plant, but there are chances of human error. The wrong identification and use of that plant may result otherwise.

Is The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies worth a try?

Dr. Nicole Apelian shared her story on every platform how from being a bedridden patient, she became a completely healthy person, she traveled the world, and she also survived all alone for 57 days in the wilds while she took care of her two children as well. This tells us that the herbal treatments she has suggested are quite effective. It has always been the motive of Dr. Nicole to treat the root cause of disease rather than just alleviating symptoms. Thus, we can conclude that this book is worth a try and will be a great addition to your life.