Moving To Dubai With Ease

Moving to Dubai will probably be one of the biggest changes in your life. Because Dubai is a city like no other. With its marvelous buildings, big shopping malls, expensive restaurants. At first, you will feel like an alien. But after some time, you will definitely adjust to the lifestyle and become a local in no time. Here you will find the pros and cons of moving and living in Dubai and how to adjust more easily.

The Pros of living and moving to Dubai

Dubai is a big city. There are many people and much more tourists. You will be surrounded by people and luxury at all times. If you are a social person, this is a place to be in. It’s very lively and your social life in Dubai will be like nowhere else. People in Dubai enjoy fancy lunches and shopping more than anything. If you like that kind of lifestyle you will fall in love with so many 5 star restaurants on every corner. You will have the opportunity to try all sorts of food made by amazing, world famous chefs. And if you are someone who enjoys coffee, Dubai has amazing places where you can get your caffeine fix.

Dubai is suitable for both young and older people. Older people will enjoy their life there as Dubai is very calm and safe. There isn’t any crime on the streets. If you don’t want to drive around in your car, Dubai’s buses are amazing and very fast. Taxis are very cheap and the government is investing hugely into a public transportation system. Everything is very clean and well taken care of.


And if you are young and want to have fun, there are many fun things to do in Dubai of course. There are many malls with big name brands and luxury items which you cannot find anywhere else in the world. You can try finding a personal trainer that can teach you Zumba. There are so many indoor and outdoor activities. For both small children, teens, and adults. Remember that alcohol is expensive and can only be bought in hotel bars and clubs or if you have a license for your own home.

If you are moving with children, Dubai’s schools are amazing. Yes, they are very expensive but you really get the best for your money in Dubai.

The cons of Dubai life

Unmarried couples are not allowed to live together – it’s actually the law. You may find it strange but it is how it is. The summer months from June to September are unbearably hot. Many expats take holiday time off during this period to return home.  It can make it worse if you have children as for most of the day they will really need to stay indoors in air-conditioned rooms. And hiring someone to look after them is very expensive and almost impossible to find. If you want to take a drive in Dubai, it can become a lengthy journey. The traffic in Dubai can get very crazy. As we said, Dubai is a big city with a lot of people, tourists and locals. That is exactly why the government is investing money in public transport.

You probably guessed it. Housing and schooling are incredibly expensive in Dubai. But that is expected from such a city. There are luxurious residences everywhere around you when you are in Dubai. Dubai is currently a building site which can make life a little tiring and stressful at times.

Working hours can be very long in Dubai especially if you are an expat. Possibly because the salaries are higher and improved by lack of tax for expats. So be careful. You have to like the job that you do.

Medical insurance and the cost of healthcare is high – but then the quality you get is exceptional. Remember that valid health insurance is necessary to obtain a residency visa.

Why should you be moving to Dubai?

Besides all the pros and cons, you will still ask yourself why should you be moving to Dubai. Well, some professions are paid more in Dubai than anywhere else. Dubai Personal Trainers earn more than personal trainers anywhere else. Many people made strong fortunes in Dubai, and even to this day, it’s a center of wealth and prosperity. You will need a labor card and your employer will have to sponsor your visa to live and work in the emirate. But if you lose your job you will have 30 days to find another job and another sponsor, or else you will have to leave Dubai. Believe it or not, there is a restricted number of times that you can change your job.

Lifestyle locally is exceptionally good. Especially for Western expats. Excellent climate, wonderful leisure facilities, a relatively laid back pace of life and good education and healthcare standards. Dubai has it all.


In order to live in Dubai, you need a lot of things. You need a secure job, good health care but most importantly a lot of money as living in Dubai is very expensive. But life is very nice and safe besides being so expensive. Anyone can have fun from children to people who are retiring. It’s a very diverse city with so many opportunities. You will love it there for sure.