Medical Billing Companies

Whether it’s a trip to the emergency room or an annual visit to your physician, medical care can be expensive, and this is especially true in California where the cost of living is higher than the national average. 

Just like any other profession, the men and women in California who choose to be healthcare providers need compensation for their services. But this isn’t as simple as collecting a paycheck in many circumstances. In many healthcare environments in California and around the country, both the patient and insurance provider make payment, and the environments also involve a third or fourth party if multiple sources of finances are utilized. 

Those who help to ensure that healthcare workers get paid are often the men and women who work for medical billing companies in California. These companies must know the specific protocols and codes used when billing patients for medical services.

What do Medical Billing Companies do?

In the most general terms, medical billing companies ensure that the doctor or healthcare provider gets paid for their services. Understanding the complex nature of this process and the details involved is how a medical billing specialist or medical billing company can make a difference to private practices which might struggle to obtain payments from patients or insurance providers.

In California, specific codes are used to identify the numerous attributes of a doctor/patient interaction, and a lot of these codes are sometimes entered into systems incorrectly by doctors or medical coding specialists. This process can result in unpaid or denied claims.

Medical billing companies in California understand these codes and are usually the ones who have to go back and fix or update them if claims come back with any issues. The information that medical billing companies research and work on includes the following:

  • Patient Information
  • Physician Information
  • Payment Data
  • Insurance Data
  • Medical Billing Codes:
  • CPT Codes
  • CPT Modifiers 
  • ICD Codes

Quality medical billing companies will typically have an in-depth oversight that mitigates mistakes from occurring on medical forms. However, as with all human interactions concerning data entry, errors happen, and often these errors must be sorted out and reconciled.

Using Data

In California, data protection is taken quite seriously as there were over 1437 breaches of data between 2012 and 2018. With this in mind, to deter identity theft, medical billing companies and their highly trained employees are under agreement to safeguard all patient information under both state and federal laws.

This procedure is typically a requirement of all medical billing companies, as they have to be careful that there is no compromise of data due to the massive lawsuits that could arise if it is found that a billing specialist was at fault during a data breach.

Going Forward With Medical Billing Companies 

If you’re a healthcare provider, mainly working in private practice, it may be essential for you to hire a medical billing company. With the number of codes and information a doctor must fill out to submit billing for services, this ultimately leads to a time-consuming process for which many doctors don’t have time.

Medical billing professionals are well trained in the terminology associated with billing procedures. These individuals understand the proper communication channels used to ensure that healthcare workers get paid on time. 

With all this in mind, a top-quality medical billing company is a great asset to have on your side.