Massage Therapy Burnaby: Different Types of Massage Therapy

Getting a massage is the safest way to relieve pain and tension around the muscle tissue. This can be done either in a beauty spa or at the hospital depending on the type of treatment.

Therapy treatments not only help in relaxation but also helps in the treatment of cancer, depression, back pain, headache among others. Nowadays, there are several massage treatments for all ages.

You can choose whatever style you want as long as it aims at promoting your overall wellness. Here are the different types of massage therapy available available available available for various treatments.

1. Aromatherapy

For those experiencing anxiety and depression, this is the best type of treatment for you. Aromatherapy helps in mood stabilization by reducing stress and relieving muscle tension.

Similarly, this therapy focuses on the head, back and shoulder which are the most affected areas when depressed. The masseuse uses essential oils for it to be effective. The essential oils are applied to the skin and also inhaled via a diffuser.

Nevertheless, if you are allergic to essential oils it’s advisable to consult with your therapist to avoid other complications.

2. Swedish

This is a 60-90 minutes treatment ideal for those who have sensitive skin or the first-timers. Swedish type treatment helps reduce muscle tension and joint pains.

It comprises four strokes namely Petrissage, Tapotement, Effleurage, and Tapotement. These strokes not only relax the body but they also energize your body after an injury.

Additionally, this therapy includes other therapeutic exercises that involve joint movements.

3. Deep tissue

This type of therapy concentrates more on specific spots in your body that have sores or tension.

Although deep this type of treatment is not as vigorous as compared to the other types you may have experienced. It can provide relief on back sprains, imbalance, anxiety, and other lingering muscle pains.

This type is achieved by applying deep finger pressure on the spots coupled with slow strokes on the muscle layers. See more types of massages here

4. Lymphatic Drainage

Detoxing frequently prevents the buildup of toxins in our body which improves our overall health. One of the ways we can achieve this is through Lymphatic drainage massage.

The massage allows proper circulation of lymphatic fluids in your body, picking up impurities as it circulates. The impurities are then transferred to the lymph nodes where they are filtered out of the body.

This involves long and light pressure on the skin coupled with gentle strokes. Plus, it can also speed up the healing process by eliminating bacteria and viruses out of your body when sick.

5. Prenatal

During pregnancy, women experience several ailments that cannot be treated by normal medication.

The most common ailments during pregnancy include muscle tensions, leg swelling, body aches among others. Prenatal massage focuses on areas such as legs, hips and lowers back to give you the relaxation you need.

Furthermore, it is best offered on the second and third trimester to avoid the risk of miscarriage. The therapist uses specially customized pillows to ensure you are comfortable during the therapy session.

6. Hot stone

This type helps in the treatment of muscle tension, stress and enhances blood flow. It is done with your clothes off to make it more effective.

Therapists use hot stones as tools together with other massaging techniques. The stones convey heat deeply into the body providing instant pain relief and relaxation in Spa at Palmer.

7. Trigger point

Injuries and other extreme health conditions can lead to tightness in the muscle’s tissues. This spot is commonly identified as trigger points and can cause severe pain in your entire body. The treatment can eliminate pain on this spot, giving you the relaxation that you need. Click here for a comprehensive guide to massages.


Massage therapy has proven to be effective overages. This is because It rejuvenates and enhances your mental, emotional and physical conditions. Similarly, people get a massage for different reasons so you must recognize that before opting for a certain style.

Either way, in case you aren’t sure of the massage style that fits you, you can experiment on all types of massage with a different masseuse to find the one that fits you.