Lose Weight Riding a Horse

If you are tired of classic exercising and are looking for a new way to shade extra pounds, you should consider horseback riding. Riding is actually one of the best forms of full body aerobic activity, and it has similar effects on your muscles as swimming or running does. Find out how to lose weight riding.

How Does Losing Weight Riding a Horse Work?

When you are in the saddle, your core is working the entire time in order to stay stable. Muscles, except firing to keep core stability, they also make sure your body is well-balanced while on the horse. However, if you want to lose weight while riding a horse, there are two things you have to focus on. First, you should ride a horse in a certain way, and second, you should adjust your diet.

How to Ride a Horse to Lose Weight

If you have exercised before on a daily basis, you have probably noticed that over time, your body and muscles adjust to your routine. This also applies to riding. So, if you have been riding for years, it doesn’t mean you were necessarily aerobically affected by riding. In order to lose weight, you need to lean out the muscle by increasing your aerobic threshold. You should ask your horse to work harder. Instead, you are the one who should work harder on the horse. For example, if you participate in a horse race, make sure you are physically engaged as much as your horse. Make sure you ride with an independent seat and self-carriage because that way you will push your aerobic threshold. Being perfectly stable while riding is never easy, so do your best to stay balanced and appear to others as you are staying in command of the horse effortlessly. Over time, when you achieve this type of core carriage, it will seem as your fat has fall right off.

Horse riding for fitness

How to Adjust Your Diet to Lose Weight with Horseback Riding

No matter what kind of physical activity you choose to lose weight, training and a healthy diet always go together. Even you work out hard, if you eat the wrong way, you won’t lose weight. However, eating properly doesn’t mean you should limit your food intake or feel hungry all the time. Keep in mind that if you don’t eat properly, your body will go into survival mode and store reserves of fat to use for later. That way, you are throwing the whole weight loss thing right out the window. Eating properly will enable your body to spend calories in a healthy way.

As it is important to eat before exercising, it is also important after training. So, after riding, make sure you fuel your body with lean proteins. Lean proteins have the least amount of calories, but just the right amount of nutrients to restore power to your muscles.

Final Tips

Warm up before riding:  Gently stretching or working out 20 minutes before riding a horse will enable your body to burn fat faster. In order to burn fat, keep in mind that you always must ride perfectly stable.

Do not limit calorie intake: As we mentioned, horseback riding is a demanding physical activity, and it requires your muscles to be properly fueled. Therefore, do not limit your calorie intake. Eat plenty of proteins and be disciplined

Be patient: Results take time. If you feel like you are getting bigger, don’t forget that it seems that way because your muscles are getting stronger and denser. You are losing fat but gaining muscles which is what every fitness enthusiast actually wants. When you notice this, it means you are on the right way and that you need to push yourself even harder.