Best Ways to Constantly Look Radiant


These days, it’s easy to look young and beautiful with products like Mizon that provide skin care to the everyday woman. However, there are many factors that are involved in the skin’s natural aging process and sometimes, a change in lifestyle and diet can prove wonders over cosmetic products and creams.

Eventually, most people opt for Botox or cosmetic surgery in order to remove the wrinkles and lines on their faces. However, those should be considered last resort since there are many cheaper alternatives to cosmetic surgery procedures like anti-wrinkle creams and proper skincare. Also through the use of epi smooth your skin will look more beautiful because it removes the unwanted hairs from the root of your skin.There are skincare secrets to looking radiant and youthful even when the years continue to catch up with you. Here are some of the ways to radiate your natural beauty:

1. Keep hydrated.

In this world of expensive creams, serums and beauty product, the most effective liquid that you will ever need in maintaining your skin’s glow is water. A person’s water intake is directly proportional to the smoothness of his or her skin. It is said that you should consume 2 liters of water daily to maintain healthy bodily function and around 2 liters more when you work out to replenish lost fluids.

Water helps in maintaining the nutrition needed in the skin. Dry, hot and strong winds can damage your skin and make it rough. To maintain moisture in your skin, you should drink the minimum required amount of water daily. With enough water in your body, you won’t need to be dependent on lotions and creams to make your skin glow naturally.

2. Fresh green tea.

Make it a habit to drink hot green tea before bedtime. A lot of people who try to lose weight depending on the detox and cleansing properties of green tea (often mixed with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar for more weight loss benefits). Green tea contains anti-oxidants that help in keeping the skin fresh. Free radicals are formed by oxidation, which works to harm cells.

Did you know that Green Tea also helps in removing wrinkles? Antioxidants stop or slow down the muscle damage. The wrinkles on the face mean that your skin’s cells are getting damaged. Wrinkles also mean that these muscles are now dying due to use over time. Antioxidants work on helping you maintain your radiant glow.

3. The power of Vitamin E and Olive Oil.

Vitamin-E is also a good way to avoid wrinkles. Vitamin E also creates an obstruction in the process of oxidation of cells. Many of our daily harmful habits create free radicals in the body. These elements react quickly with oxygen and cause damage to the skin cells. The more we consume antioxidants, the more our body will be able to fight these free radicals. Vitamin E is present in fish and olive oil.

Olive oil also helps keep you looking young. While consuming it benefits the heart and the skin, massaging with it also gives natural moisture and nourishment to the skin. For this purpose, use lukewarm olive oil for getting rid of wrinkles by applying it clockwise (in the direction of the clock needle) on the face. You can use olive oil as a replacement for a night cream at least once a week.

4. Clean skin is healthy and radiant skin.

Smoking, air pollution, and ultraviolet rays also cause significant damage to your skin. Smoking can make your skin, lips, and teeth age and decay faster. If you want to stay young for a long time in and out of the house then you have to keep away from smoking, whether first-hand or second-hand. Along with smoking, pollution also damages skin cells. So try to protect yourself from pollution. Along with this ultraviolet rays of the Sun also cause irreparable damage to the skin, so it is important to apply a good quality sunscreen lotion before leaving the sun.

The best way to keep skin radiant is to keep it clean and nourish it with everything it needs to be healthy and youthful. Always check the ingredients in your makeup kit and make sure that they don’t contain harmful toxins that could damage your skin’s cells. Sometimes, the products designed to beautify your skin could end up damaging it, especially when you immediately sleep without proper night skincare routine.