Learning the Difference Between Urgent Care Vs. Emergency

Were you researching trees and foliage from around the world in The Morton Arboretum before you fell, and now you have chest pain? Were you looking to catch a vintage trip at the Tivoli Theater in Downers Grove when you sliced your finger off something sharp, and you did not know how, but it’s just bleeding non-stop? Do you have to go to an urgent care center or the emergency room? To help you, here is a straightforward-cut overview of where to get the treatment you need.

Life-threatening situations, including a cardiac arrest or severe concussion, need a trip to the emergency room. An infection or wound that does not seem to be potentially fatal but could not wait till the next day to become treated needs to be taken to urgent care Downers Grove.

When to seek urgent care

Minor medical concerns

The critical distinction between emergency and urgent care defines a medical emergency. Urgent care is a type of medical care that centers on situations that are not possibly life-threatening but also require prompt attention within 24 hours. In urgent care in Downers Grove, you will find both physicians and medical assistants trained in first aid and general practice. 

These medical professionals have a broad range of health knowledge and expertise that enable them to make a diagnosis and treat a wide variety of diseases in patients of all ages. They may also recognize if a specialist is necessary or if there is an emergency needing an emergency room visit in one of the best hospitals around 3815 Highland Avenue, Downers Grove, and nearby streets.

Imagine slicing an apple, and you cut your hand deeply enough that a band-aid does not stop the bleeding, but you do not see the bone or anything that is alarming. Lacerations must be washed and eventually stitched in hours to reduce the risk of infection and scarring, but this is still a minor medical problem. Get on a bus from Downers Grove Main Street station and get off the nearest urgent care facility that you can find. 

Certain conditions that urgent care services usually treat include conjunctivitis, rashes, a sprained ankle, and urinary incontinence.

Downers Grove’s climate is cold and temperate, so when you have flu symptoms that do not respond to medication, seek urgent care. When you have fatigue, joint and muscle pain, shivers and nausea, feeling very sleepy, and have a persistent cough that has continued for one or two days, it is essential to have your physician check it out. It could be a mild respiratory infection or something more serious, like tuberculosis.


With Downers Grove’s population of over 50,000 people, ERs give priority to life-threatening medical problems. However, urgent care will get you in and out swiftly when you only have a minor medical concern. Patients sometimes wait for hours in the emergency rooms to get checked.

If you would usually see your Downers Grove primary care physician but do not want to stand in line, urgent care is better for you, like when you want to know if you have a urinary tract infection. Do not rely on urgent care as a substitute for precautionary care. You’re not supposed to put off routine tests and check-ups, believing you can quickly go to urgent care when something occurs. It should be a supplement to your regular preventive care and not a replacement.


95.9% of people of Downers Grove have healthcare insurance, but much may still be worried about medical bills. The amount that they will charge depends on your coverage, but urgent care is often more affordable. Many urgent care centers do not have as many staff as emergency facilities, so the costs of providing care are cheaper, and many health insurers require a lesser co-payment for assessment. However, follow your guts if you notice anything and think you need to seek emergency treatment.

Do not delay heading to the emergency department or urgent care because you are concerned about expenses. Medical care could be expensive, and that argument is entirely valid. However, there are avenues to manage high medical costs to make things easier to afford them. An average Downers Grove commute time is just around 28 minutes compared to how long you will suffer because of delaying treatment. When you are concerned about your wellbeing — and mainly if you believe that it is life-threatening, seek help immediately.