IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy vs. Oral Vitamins: Which is Better?

Vitamins play an essential role in maintaining our health. We all know the role of vitamins for our body, foods that provide us maximum vitamins, and more. 

Las Vegas IV vitamin infusion is growing rapidly, and people are gradually educating themselves on its importance. However, most people are still puzzled by plenty of questions about IV vitamins. This all comes down to one important question -should you take IV vitamin infusion over the regular oral vitamins?

Who should take IV vitamin infusion? 

IV vitamins can help with multiple diseases and health conditions such as muscle spasms, respiratory tract infections, gastric issues, people with migraine issues, cancer patients, chronic pain and fatigue syndrome patients, and more. 

In addition, IV vitamin infusion therapy is also crucial for people who cannot eat food and lack sufficient nutrients. 

Advantages of IV vitamin infusion therapy over oral vitamins: 

There are plenty of advantages of why you should pick IV vitamin infusion therapy over the regular vitamins taken orally. Let’s take a look at few advantages below: 

  • It keeps your body hydrated: 

Dehydration is a common reason why people fall sick, and vitamins play a higher role in hydration. Patients facing minimal to more significant dehydration problems can take advantage of IV vitamin therapy. While oral vitamin tablets can provide all the vitamins, your body can prevent itself from completely absorbing these vitamins due to various health conditions. At the same time, infusion therapy ensures that your body gets all the vitamins and keeps your body hydrated. 

  • Personalized dosage: 

To maximize the perks of infusion therapy, your doctor will consider multiple factors, including your metabolism, weight, age, current medical conditions, genetics, and more. However, this is not the same with oral vitamin pills. Purchasing over-the-counter vitamin pills contain a certain amount of vitamins, and you have no control to reduce them or negotiate. Whatever is the content, you are directly asked to consume it. 

  • It has a better absorption rate: 

As we mentioned previously, your body restricts the absorption of oral vitamins because of various health conditions. You must also know that the body needs to metabolize the vitamins as they go through your body’s digestive system. Because infusion therapy is directly infused inside your bloodstream through injection, your body will comparatively absorb a higher proportion of nutrients. 

If you are not sure about the infusion therapy yet or searching for the right place for getting IV infusion therapy, do not hesitate to contact Modern Wellness Clinic.