Is there sex after childbirth?

The current trends in aesthetic gynecology and intimate health of women are described by head of the Clinic of Aesthetic Gynecology GRACE Tatyana Shevchuk

“It is convenient and connects me and my beloved”, — this was written under one of the cards with the image of the vulva in the life-affirming project of the artist Erin Tobey. Modern Ukrainian women increasingly do not hesitate to talk about their intimate problems and issues of sexuality. An enthusiastic doctor, practicing surgeon-gynecologist and cosmetologist, member of the European Association of Aesthetic Gynecology (ESAG), head of the Clinic of Aesthetic Gynecology GRACE Tatyana Shevchuk speaks with us today of the current trends in aesthetic gynecology and intimate health of women.

Why the interest in aesthetic gynecology increases now?

Previously, everything was hidden under “intimate haircuts”. You are smiling, but this is true. The fashion for a radical and long-term hair removal in the bikini area covered the whole world only a few decades ago. It bared the female genitalia, and everyone saw that we are arranged in different ways. At that time, eroticism and porn have long since emerged from the underground. In these genres there have been and are stars that set standards and trends of intimate beauty. This provoked a rise in demand for intimate aesthetics.

But the matter is not only in beauty?

I always repeat that nature is rational – it creates nothing exclusively for “beauty”.

Each human organ is polished to millimeter by billions of years of evolution and is therefore functional and expedient. While the concept of beauty is already the workings of society. In cultures of different nations, a young, healthy body that, respectively, can ideally function was traditionally associated with beauty.

Therefore, we need the vulva for reproduction. It ensures attraction of men, sexual contact and is responsible for the pleasure in its process – for women. Normally, it should have a closed look, providing protection of the woman’s intimate zone and tight sexual contact.

In the vast majority of women and girls, vulva has exactly such a structure that traditionally is associated with the youth and the health of a woman, hence, it is also sexually attractive. This is why it is compared to the lotus flower or orchid. However, over time (especially after pregnancy and childbirth) vulva loses its original appearance, which can cause psychological discomfort and a decrease in the sexual relevance of the woman. In addition, such changes can be noticeable when wearing a swimming suit, tight fitting sportswear, cause discomfort when riding a bicycle, in the saddle. And we can easily eliminate this problem with the help of modern intimate surgery and cosmetology.

In other words, childbirth is a kind of “transfer point” in the sexual life of a woman?

People often ask me, “What will happen to me after the childbirth?” There is a category of women who fear how the quality of their sex will change after pregnancy and childbirth. Despite the fact that we call childbirth physiological, emphasizing its naturalness and normality, this is usually a rather traumatic process.

We cannot know in advance how it will pass and how it will end. Any woman in some measure risks that childbirth can bring changes in the state of her sexual organs and, accordingly, worsen the quality of sex. It may sound absurd, but sometimes “intimate rejuvenation” is recommended even to 20-30-year-old women who have already given birth. And changed because of this. In this connection, their sexual life may deteriorate.

When a woman after childbirth should ask for advice on her sexuality?

I recommend going through such a postnatal diagnosis at the gynecologist- aestheticist after several menstrual cycles after the termination of the lactation period. Perhaps the woman has everything perfect. And the only thing that would be recommended to her in this case is intimate fitness. This is the most simple and natural way of training the muscles of the pelvic floor and perineum, and, therefore, the active participation of a woman in sexual intercourse. Of course, this method will not bring result if there are expressed postnatal changes: the syndrome of “wide vagina”, relaxation of the pelvic floor, scar deformations of the intimate zone, and so on.

However, a gynecologist-aestheticist will be able to offer you the most correct solution to the problem, which often combines several techniques. For example, it can be a contoured correction of vulva and correction of scars with the help of natural fillers and a thread plastic of the perineum, laser treatment of urinary incontinence and rejuvenation of the vagina.

Tell us more about the possibilities of aesthetic gynecology.

Today the arsenal of GRACE services covers: intimate filling (changing the contours and the tone of the intimate area with the use of fillers), rejuvenation of the vulva and vagina (PRP procedures – plasma lifting), laser intimate rejuvenation (non-surgical vaginal lifting, treatment of urinary incontinence, external rejuvenation), intimate thread lifting (non-surgical thread intimate plastic).

Cosmetic Gynecology1

With the help of natural fillers, contours, sizes, aesthetics of the vulva, which after birth (especially repeated ones) can lose its former attractiveness, are corrected. In addition, this method allows to narrow the vagina, increase female sexuality, and make the erogenous zones more sensitive. On the anterior wall of the vagina, there is a cluster of nerve endings (point G and U), with the stimulation of which the woman basically receives vaginal orgasm, the clitoral zone is also very important. With the introduction of the filler, we create additional pressure and stimulation of these erogenous zones, which strengthens the emotional component of sex for a woman. We use exclusively natural preparations based on high-density hyaluronic acid with the addition of lidocaine, which ensures their long-term action and a comfortable period of rehabilitation after administration.

A special place in the arsenal of aesthetic gynecology today belongs to laser intimate rejuvenation. Laser therapy provides a powerful and complex biological effect – stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, the proliferation of stem cells, capillaries, and the enhancement of metabolic processes in the tissues of the vagina. This is realized in a complex rejuvenation of the intimate zone, reduction of the vaginal volume, achieving a more dense sexual contact, stimulation of erogenous zones. It is not for nothing that this method is called “non-surgical vaginal lift”, considering it as a main competitor to intimate plastic.

In what cases do they resort to surgery?

I am a professional surgeon; I like to operate (smiling). However, first of all, I am a responsible and benevolent doctor. In addition, I am a woman and therefore I am especially keen and understanding about the issues and problems of my clients. Surgery is always a step of desperation. As the coryphaeus of world surgery Nikolai Pirogov said, “The best operation is the one that failed to be done”. And this is also my motto.

The center of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery GRACE has a full range of services in the field of intimate aesthetics, both cosmetological and surgical. Therefore, we use intimate plastic only in situations where it is impossible to achieve the effect with simpler and safer cosmetological procedures. These are cases of expressed post-natal scar deformities of vulva and vagina, the descent of its walls, atrophic changes in the vulva, and so on.

When it comes to minor problems (for example, a decrease in the fullness of the labia majora, hyperpigmentation of the skin, a decrease in the sensitivity of erogenous zones), of course, the maximum effect can be expected from safe and comfortable “lunch break” procedures from the arsenal of the gynecologist-cosmetologist.

The GRACE clinic can be called the trendsetter of aesthetic gynecology in Ukraine. Tell us about your new Mommy Make Over service, which is just gaining popularity all over the world?

It is a comprehensive post-natal rehabilitation.

In other words, this is a complex of measures for aesthetic correction of post-natal changes — labiaplasty abroad. And it is not just about the intimate sphere, but also about changing the aesthetics of the mammary glands, the anterior abdominal wall, the contours of the body. Therefore, within the framework of this program, we carry out complex (so-called simultaneous) operations, when under one anesthesia one patient is operated by surgeons of different specialties – gynecologist, plastic surgeon. This makes it possible to get a complex, harmonious and quick result, return the body of a woman to the old forms, and maybe even improve them.

Now, Mommy Makeover is just starting to gain popularity all over the world. However, it is represented in our clinic, because today our clients are not only Ukrainian women. Over the past few years, the flow of foreign patients who go for services specifically to us significantly increased. From Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, and from Europe – mainly from Great Britain. Because in their countries either there are no similar services, or they are not presented at such a high level as in GRACE.

The motto of feminists is “My body is my business”. Who becomes the last instance when a woman decides to have an intimate operation?

I have often heard from women: “I agree, I need an operation, but first I must consult with my husband”. I always answer: “Of course, you must talk to him. But the result of the conversation I can tell you right now”. Any intelligent man who loves and respects his woman will say, “You are my best and the most sexy! You do not have to change anything!” If he says otherwise, he will insult the woman, and a decent man will not do it. Therefore, the final decision always takes only a woman: to change herself or not. You see, sexuality is inherent in us by nature. However, unfortunately, nature itself is not on our side. We decided that sex is for fun. Nature originally defined its purpose – for the reproduction of the genus. We change after childbirth, and with age, we become less attractive in sexual terms, and sometimes the quality of sex decreases for us. Nevertheless, it is in our power to deceive nature a little, because we are WOMEN! (Smiling.)

Interview was kindly provided to Overseas Medical Ukraine, medical tourism agency by its partner Clinic of Aesthetic Gynecology GRACE