Is Gardening A Good Workout?

Most people consider gardening a hobby but it is much more than that. A lot of activities are done in the garden which involves movements of your body and muscles. This is quite therapeutic and also a form of exercise that could help keep your body in shape and in great health.

However, these benefits can only be ripped if the gardening is done in the right way and for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis. This does not mean that you can substitute your daily workout with gardening though. It only means that if you do gardening as a routine you’ll be better off than anyone who just sits on a desk the whole day. How is gardening an exercise?

Keeps you moving

The goal in any kind of exercise is to keep you active and not glued to one position. This is something that gardening achieves perfectly. While in the garden, it is less likely that you’ll be in one position all along. You’ll need to move around as you weed or dig.

Builds strength

When working out, you tend to lift weights to strengthen your muscles. While gardening, activities like digging and carrying things on a wheelbarrow equal lifting weights. This makes you strong and is a form of exercise to your leg and hand muscles.

Burns calories

You can burn calories by simply walking or even jogging. When doing gardening activities like weeding, planting and digging, more calories are burned in the process. It is not entirely a way of losing a significant amount of weight but every time you do it you burn a number of calories.

Decreases blood pressure

People who suffer from high blood pressure are usually advised to move around and do small exercises to lower the blood pressure. Other than nature helping you to relax, gardening involves movements and this is a good exercise for anyone with high blood pressure.

Helps you relax

There is relaxation in nature and the fresh air in the garden. Relaxing your mind and body is more of therapy and it is really good for your body. While some people go to the gym to clear their head, others go to the garden to do the same and it works like magic. You can relax under your sun shade umbrella in between gardening when the sun is too hot.

Improves flexibility

If you spend your days stuck on a chair, your body could ache every time you try to use the muscles that are rarely used. When you make gardening a hobby, you’ll realize that your body becomes much more flexible and you can lift anything or bend without any body aches.

It’s a functional exercise

Unlike going to the gym, gardening is that form of exercise that allows you to be functional at the same time. You can actually do something functional and work out at the same time. For example, weeding your garden will leave your plants healthy and your garden clean.

Sparks creativity

Exercise is not only about the arms and the legs. It is also about the mind. When you can exercise the whole body in its entirety then that exercise is worthwhile. Gardening not only works out your legs and back but it also helps your mind relax and think. New and better ideas are likely to come to your mind when you’re doing something relaxing like gardening.

It is fun

Work out should be fun. The most effective kind of work out is that which you do without being consciously aware of it. Like a said earlier, gardening is a hobby to most people. It’s, therefore, an easier form of exercise because it benefits you and you actually get to do something you like. Gardening is a beneficial hobby.


It is clear that gardening has a wide array of benefits to your body and it can pass as workout any day. However, it is not as simple as doing all kinds of work in the garden. You should focus on activities that stretch out your muscles for more effect.

At no single point should you overwork yourself. Instead of helping your body, that could end up working on it. If you have delicate conditions, it is better if you consult with your doctor before you can engage in any strenuous activities. Always do what your body can comfortably manage to do.