Intuniv ER for Managing ADHD Symptoms

Intuniv ER for Managing ADHD Symptoms

Do you have a problem with paying attention? Do you quickly get irritated and get angry even for things that you shouldn’t? Are you wondering why you can’t control your impulses also though you want to? If you are having these issues and if it is already stopping you from doing your day to day activities then you should learn why are you acting like that, it could be a hint of attention hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Here are other symptoms of ADHD that you should know and how you can manage them.  

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit disorder is a mental disorder that affects children and can continue to adulthood. As of now, there are still no studies that can support the causes of ADHD, but there are things that can be a reason of ADHD which are a family connection and pregnancy problems.

The brain chemical dopamine can be a reason for ADHD since it is the one responsible for sending a signal from the nerves in the brain if the dopamine does not work then ADHD will occur. If a person has ADHD, they can’t pay attention and can’t control impulses. It is good to know what are other symptoms of ADHD in that way you will know when to talk to a doctor.

Main Symptoms of ADHD

Impulsiveness. For people who have ADHD  or attention deficit disorder are having the problem in controlling their impulses. They are aggressive, hot temper and unruly, because they act before they think and they can’t control their responses to a particular thing that leads them in trouble or sometimes for adults who are diagnosed with ADHD  they will have a problem in their relationship with a co-worker or other people around them.

Trouble Multitasking. Multitasking is doing more things at once, and it is one of the essential attitudes that a person should acquire to succeed their day to day activities in school, at work or even at home. However, for people who have ADHD they have trouble in multitasking because they can’t plan on a task, can’t focus and can’t manage time. For people who have ADHD, they burn a lot of their cognitive energy to finish a single task. They only spend their time on one thing or limited duty just.

Disorganization and problems in prioritizing.  People who are suffering from ADHD are having difficulty in organizing their time and things. It becomes the main problem, especially for adults who have ADHD because being held, is one of the most important attitudes that a responsible adult should have like paying bills, jobs and more. They do not know what to prioritize, and because of that, they can’t handle significant obligations that stopping them from stepping forward in life.

What to do?

If you are starting to see these symptoms in yourself and it is already stopping you from living life, you can already talk to a doctor, psychologist and other professionals that can help you assess your case. They will conduct some test that will show further symptoms to know more if you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If you are already diagnosed with ADHD, do not be afraid because there are a lot of treatments for it.

Your doctor may give prescriptions for medicines that can help regulate the substance of your brain to control your nervous system or dopamine. These medicines are stimulants (Adderall, Ritalin, Methamphetamine, Dexedrine, ProCentra, Zenzedi, Focalin )  and if you are allergic to stimulants they can give a prescription for non-stimulant medicine like Guanfacine, most people are using Intuniv Er discount coupon for their medication as part of their total treatment that includes psychological planning.


All of us have different obstacles it may be in our health or other things. However, these difficulties must not stop us to continue our life; if you are diagnosed with ADHD, then you should talk to a doctor or psychologist and discuss options to treat this complication. In that way, you can continue to live normal, and you can succeed in everything you want to do.

Do not hesitate to talk about it to your family, friend, and professionals because they can help you to win against ADHD. To overcome this, you need to accept the diagnoses, know what the possible treatments you can do and be strong while you are on the process are. Do not be ashamed about your case instead be strong to face this and have the courage to fight ADHD.