Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Botox

Skin is one of the essential organs in the appearance of a person. Therefore, many people seek cosmetic procedures when wrinkles and face lines begin to appear, aiming to regain a youthful appearance. One of the main options to improve the appearance is Botox. It is preferred by many because of the minimal risks and amazing results. If you live around Houston, TX aesthetic center and wellness spa offers Botox and other cosmetic procedures. Book an appointment online today. Below are facts you should know about Botox:

Botox has minimal side effects and very few risks.

If you are considering getting a Botox procedure done on your face, you can relax and trust the safety of this treatment. Doctors use an ingredient known as botulinum toxin, which may sound scary with the mention of its name but It is well researched and tested as safe for use in the body. Besides, it naturally occurs in the body.

Botox does not work on the skin.

Although Botox is known to eliminate wrinkles on the face, it is surprising to know that it works on muscles instead. The frequent raising of eyebrows may, with time result in wrinkles because of the constant movement of muscles. Botox treatment has an ingredient botulinum toxin type A that serves the function of relaxing facial muscles and reducing wrinkles.

It treats more than just wrinkles.

Botox is popular for treating wrinkles but serves other functions that are also approved by the FDA.  The procedure also treats muscle spasms, eye twitches, migraines, underarm sweating, and bladder dysfunction.

The whole procedure does not take long.

While other cosmetic procedures can take quite a long time, an average therapy session can take just half an hour to complete. This is because it involves mild injections that do not cause swelling or visual negative effects. Thus, patients who undergo Botox treatment can resume normal duties within no time. You can even book a session during your normal lunch break.

Botox is still undergoing improvements.

The use of Botox will not end in cosmetic purposes only. Scientists are still researching other possible uses to exploit knowledge. According to the studies, Botox might be used in the future to treat muscle pain and depression. Experts are still working to determine the dosages that will yield long-lasting results.

Its results have a natural appearance.

Botox will not leave your face feeling stiff or affect your facial expressions. All you need is to seek treatment from a trained professional who knows where to inject and the right dosage. You do not have to worry about a facial freeze with this procedure.

If you have forehead lines, a gummy looking smile, bumpy skin, or if your teeth keep grinding, Botox is the right treatment for you. It takes a very short time to complete, and its results can last a few months before requiring retreatment. Book an appointment with Skin Shop medSpa for customized treatment or more facial cosmetic questions.